Smoke Shop Reviews in Washington DC

  • Excellent!! I was twenty minutes early so I texted and they met me immediately. Probably the cheapest trees in the city. No seeds in the 140 zip and as the driver said the OR-18 is incredible for 180 a zip. It was also 5 gs over.

  • Props! Responded to, and addressed the platform issue and info with WW when they didn't have to. That's good business. Can't wait to see you guys/gals. Much love!

  • Bad place flower is dirt

  • One word, SHADY. The delivery driver was skittish didn’t know who he was working for and there’s no customer service that will call you or answer the phone to answer any questions. Product was not was stated on WW site. Not bad product just SHADY service. And walking delivery guy was late.

  • Weight and potency is always spot on. My go to guys!

  • Consistent quality and always on point, don't waste time with the other people

  • Ordered some Rove carts and then read an article describing how these can't possibly be legit outside of CA or NV. Driver also allowed some random guy to force his way into our conversation and get his product first. Carts all the same numbers for THC etc when they're different strains AKA bogus.

  • 4 of a king. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Speedy and Professional!

  • Great Buisiness!

  • Shake deal is great

  • Great Customer Service and Dispatch! Med Quality is Awesome! Easy Checkout and Very Professional!!!

  • HOME MADE!! NOT REAL DISTILLATES!!!!! Wont process order due to account flagged for no reason besides ordering a $500 order. Super slow at reaponding back. Also not helpful and shitty custuner service. They dont care. Literally what they said. USE CAPITAL KUSH!! MUCH FASTER AND HAVE AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! REAL DISTILATE.

  • Best delivery service been using them for 6 months now and haven’t went anywhere else! Always have the best!

  • you Cannot go wrong with these guys. fast delivery great service and quality product. it was my first time buying and whether ur a newbie or looking for a good deal this is the place for you. trust the reviews and you won't be disappointed!

  • Good pricing with no delivery fee. ETA was a bit late. The buds were alright not great in quality. I ordered two eighths, of the Lemon and Bubba. After scaling, BOTH were less than 3.5. Didn't get the free edible or joint as advertised. Not an honest vendor to do business with.

  • These reviews are fake. They sell Reggie

  • Product isn’t what’s displayed and put your trust in them you get fucked over and made me wait and extra45 mins didn’t even start the delivery until I got to the pick up location

  • got the Kimber, cherry punch, mog, and mimosa....all fire. really happy with the price, flexibility(mix/match 1/8s), quality, and smoke potency. Nice size buds(wish i got seeds). Dispatching was real easy to deal with altho they did get wrong the Kimber, shouldve been waterzkittlez, but it was my fault too since he ran them by me before he gave them. The only thing i'd say is the pick up area is a bit shady so i'd advise picking up in the day time if u can. i'm a pussy tho. the delivery was professional and well dressed holding a bag so easy to distinguish him. Definitely recommend using and will be using soon again i'm sure.

  • Ordered from here numerous times now. First time I tried the runtz. FAKE. Ordered the 8th love special and got 4 eighths. Only ONE out of 4 was what I asked for. He read the names back to me, and I told him that wasn’t part of my order. He proceeded to WIPE OFF the marker and just re write the strain I asked for on there. Piss poor. Not to mention I had to wait 2 hours after I placed the pre order and the order is still in my queue as not being delivered. Go to space cadets or reefer express. These guys probably won’t give you what you asked for and it DEFINITELY won’t be on time. But if you’re looking for great prices and don’t care about what you get or communication, these are your guys.

  • I've been ordering from Federal Reserve since they opened (October 2018) ? Delivery is always quick, on time and they ALWAYS text or call you before they head out which I appreciate! In the beginning, Mo used to deliver my goods but they've grown and added new drivers and their quality and service is still amazing! They always have great deals and if they forget your gifts, they always make it right on the next order or they go out of their way to fix it and I love these guys for always being so helpful! All their drivers are nice and their customer service person Daizy is super helpful. Federal Reserve has the best flowers in town! I've tried a few other companies but none of the flowers in DC glitters in the daytime the same way the flowers do from Federal Reserve! The crystals are so pretty and the flower's are sticky (meaning its fresh and not dried out). and, the flowers are massive here! They must get their flowers from a different supplier than all the other ven

  • I had to get on here real quick and give another thank you to SUGAR HIGH !! I was so happy with the bud from the other day that I picked up another special 2 oz deal. GUESS WHAT?? It was another excellent A+++ grade, top shelf experience. Again the driver was on point and the dispatch was super friendly. FYI the chocolate chip cookies are killer! Thanks again, looking forward to picking up another special soon. C-

  • The Gelato looks exactly like the pics but it’s terrible!!!!!! I paid 350 a oz and got higher off stuff half the price. STRAIGHT HUFFFFF ZONE

  • Apparently “they don’t just do qtrs bro”

  • Ohhh boy super effective and at an amazing price

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