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Dispensary Reviews in Bremerton, WA

  • I arriv their shop and they’re not open until maybe 3 months later... right now it’s May, will open maybe in around August... I cannot get what I want and I m struggle to find “ROMULAN!”

  • I arrive that place and it’s a car shop... where weed shop?

  • No one answered the phone noon 1/12/18. Not set up yet. Hope they open soon.

  • Clean, cool, and friendly. All around great.

  • This practice is closed!

  • Horrible bud, horrible service. Wolf in sheeps clothing

  • I found that The Joint was more than satisfactory in what i look for in an shop

  • I love this place absolutely the best in my book

    Judy S. reviewed Medizin
  • Excellent place, it was. Staff well-informed and polite, knew their stock and the indications for using various products. They had just the right cannabis in coconut oil capsules, at a good price, and right next door to me. Please come back!

  • This business is a fraud..... don't order from them, they stole $1400 from me a week ago, and now have avoided me, and not delivered 1 single product..

  • Wasn't exactly medical grade .lots of small and stem. Poor quality. Could had got better in the hood. Maybe I was in the hood.

  • I wish I could give this place zero stars after the experience I had on 1/1/17. They try to screw people out of money. For the past year, I have shopped exclusively at this store - spending ~$250-$500 per month there for the past 12 months. I always had good experiences and loved the products I'd purchase, but never in my life have I been so disrespected by an establishment. On 1/1/17, I went into the store and purchased $175 worth of product, and paid in 2 $100 bills, meaning I'd get $25 back. The bud tender grabbed the wrong pack at first but I reminded her of the item I had written down on a piece of paper that she was looking at and she grabbed the right one. no big deal, people make mistakes... But then when I got to my car and put my change away, I realized I only had $15 change instead of $25. I looked at the receipt and the receipt stated that I gave $190. Had I not paid in 2 $100 bills, it *MIGHT* have made more sense for the amount received to be off, but the buttons to

  • Close to where I live. This place is great if you know what your looking for. But if you need to ask questions about strains of weed, the staff will give u a blank stare. But as long as they carry the weed I'm looking for and remain nice and friendly, I will be their customer. :)

  • Very friendly people

  • It is very close to where I live. It's very relaxed.

  • Great every time

  • I was charged full price for two halves, despite specifically coming in on a Saturday to take advantage of the special. I was charged $140 an ounce. I know they will be closed July 1st but I would be very careful if you come here between now and then. Part of the problem was that they serve more than one customer at a time, and two people were helping me. I lost out on over $30, and had excellent experiences with Life's Rx up until this point. They are closing soon, so makes it seem like it was on purpose even more. They DO NOT accept credit cards anymore, haven't in months. Parking is difficult and the place is hard to get to because it's in a really busy strip mall on 4th in Renton.

  • he is not liscensed himself, and for him to do false advertising is ridiculous, very rude to customers, and bad quality in the mmj, and very illegal.

  • Pricey but helpful

  • The bud was amazing, the service was perfect and Frank was right on time with what he said he would be and then we got a couple free edibles that were awesome!

  • Stopped by last week. Dispensary closed

  • Personally, I think this has got to be The BEST, or At Least, One of the Best, dispenseries in town!! It's By Far MY Favorite! To begin with, they were EXTREMELY helpful getting me my Licence! And in every possibly way!! Then, they always have Awesome Specials, and regular discounts! Plus, they are VERY knowledgeable and Courteous! They've Never sounded Snobbish when they try to explain things! 😉 (Which, Very Sadly, happens 'All Too Much' in this Industry!!) Anyway, If you get the chance to visit this location, then I VERY Strongly Recommend that you do so!! 😎

  • Ok, so this place has been CLOSED for (and I quote) "Quite Some Time - At Least A Few Months!!" Therefore - ITS CRAP!!!

  • Personally, I think this is the best, or At Least, One of the Best, ddispenseries in town!! It's MY Favorite, and usual location! 😎

  • People and Meds were both pretty good! They're one of the few I hope stick around!

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