Covington Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensary Reviews in Covington, WA

  • I arriv their shop and they’re not open until maybe 3 months later... right now it’s May, will open maybe in around August... I cannot get what I want and I m struggle to find “ROMULAN!”

  • I arrive that place and it’s a car shop... where weed shop?

  • my experience with the bud tenders aren't so friendly one budtender pulled out 2 bags of eights and said that was the only selection they had and then told me there were 2 grams for 25.00 and I wanted to switch and she told me I couldn't even though the package wasn't opened.She told me that its the liquor board that said once a person picks out there meds they cannot exchange it even though the package wasn't opened. I have been coming here because its close to my home but I think im going to choose taking my money somewhere else where theres more selection.

  • My experience was heartbreaking. The "Budtenders" that helped me were unprofessional and very rude!! I had to go to "Purple Dragon" up the street...I have had better service from them and really liked Tranquility...until my bad experience on Sunday!!

  • Sketchy, I am a neighbor and am in full support of Marijuana. But I have to tell you I have been working very hard as a neighbor to clean up this area because I have kids here. All I can tell you is I walked in this place and people went running and the woman behind the counter was very defensive. Hmmmm, makes me wonder. I wasn't looking at this place but now I am. We have a lot of drug dealing, prostitution, and active crime in our area.

  • As a vendor they work on cosignment, and just because your product has sold doesn't mean they have your money. The money management of this dispensory is poor. Vendors are not a priority and do not get paid out in a timely manner. It's a gamble dispensing to this dispensory. Money goes missing and you are left with a bunch of excuses to get you out the door.

  • Great time!

  • Great Experience!

  • Great Experience!! Great service and great selections at a great price

  • Was a great first time experience. They test their products and are able to give accurate thc and cbd counts. Besides the easy to pass location great product and overall experience.

  • I once was a regular customer at this establishment but my last transaction with them made me feel as if I was taken advantage of. I am usually a flower smoker but I occasionally like to use the oil cartridge. In previous times I have had bad experiences with a brand named “PURE” as the cartridge were often faulty. I expressed my concerns to the personnel and they assured me that the brand “THINC” (the brand they carry in house) guaranteed a replacement cartridge in the event of a faulty cartridge. So, I purchased a cartridge. A couple of days later, I opened the THINC cartridge and it was just my luck that the cartridge was faulty. The cartridge did not produce a vapor and during the course of the day, the content in the cartridge disappeared. The next day I returned the cartridge to SKH and I was told to leave the cartridge with them and they would contact me the next day with a replacement. Well, the next day came but I did not receive a call fr

  • fantastic quality, all in house herb. amazing edibles, and the owners are out of this world awesome. they care about the quality and always have the best treats for your ailment.

  • The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable! There was a great selection of edibles.

  • mads are awesome , but there bud tender holly has no knowledge! , she is just rude plain and simple!

  • I went to the dispensary first to check out the place. Great atmosphere of welcome. Easy to get too, from Pac Hwy. Excellent choice of Bud. Tried the White Rose bought some more today. Had my first delivery and it was prompt I think it took about 20 to 30 minutes, nice very curtous delivery young man was nice and polite. I am going to try the Agent Orange out, wish me luck. Also got a freebee. That was a bonus. TRY THIS PLACE OUT.

  • Have some top shelf for reasonable prices Parking not great

  • Business is neat, has lots of variety with nicely labeled product, they have topicals, edibles, and concentrates. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I give this one a 2 thumbs up!

  • Best meds on Meridian

  • wonder why never rec'vd call back other day tuesday . stopped by with water mark original was denied access till verify was to be done by phone. 4 days past no call back as of today Saturday july 20th. not impressed yet. probally won't return ever again. but i guess whoever goes here probally have no other choices around is why they go back. too bad too.

  • Clean building my first time in. Store policy gives a free edible or Joint to first time visitors. Girl behind counter was extremely helpful very nice. This was the third Collective that I have visited by far the best.

  • very professional and full of knowledge. always so helpful. love the instore card that gives rewards once full. great dealz....

  • I use to go to this dispensary often but it got to the point of them not returning phone calls no matter how many messages you leave, they kinda seem to lead you on and tell you what you want to hear. Sadly we will not be back to do business with them anymore.

  • These guys are a little bit out of the way for most folks. If you do have a chance, I would recommend a trip to see them. Ben and Jeremy have excellent knowledge of their products and the donation rates are fair too. The time I went in, their clones were a bit sad. They did have some of what have turned out to be my favorite strains though.

  • Has been great to deal with,gave me great advise on what might help with my Parkinson symptoms.

  • We found this place to be very friendly, clean and classy as a patient. But...Come back with a donation and the tide turns into a very unprofessional, murky, degrading situation. We took a sample into the owner and he liked them and told us he would take several ounces in 4 days. So as the 4th day came around we called to confirm that we would be in for delivery. We were then told by the female owner Angel that no she would not take several ounces but instead only two. But call back tomorrow. So we did and no one answered. As we both have jobs we started down there to make the planned delivery. Calling again on the way. Just to be told by Angel, "NO we don't want any". This is absolutely a unprofessional, rude and irresponsible way to handle business. In my experience, you just don't lead people on. We found the owners of this dispensary to be disingenuous at heart. Unfortunately, not honorable folk.

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