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At Key Peninsula Cross we are dedicated to providing our patients with top quality medical cannabis, edibles, topical pain solutions, and concentrates. It is our mission to provide all patients with a safe, reliable, friendly, and respectful place...


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    A bit out of the way, but quality at a good price
    This dispensary is a bit off of the beaten path and takes some out of the way driving to get there. The good thing is their medication is all the same low price and for the most part, they have some quality strains. I wasn't that impressed with their edibles, but it seems most edibles in the Seattle area are made with trim and have little to no medicinal quality. It's never crowded, feels safe, and the budtenders seem like nice folks.

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    Good place for mmj
    friendly budtemders knowledgeable about their product, fast, good price 10/g We will return. GOOD JOB!

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