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    I cant make a call because both numbers dont work im trying to see if yall delivery

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    I arrive that place and it’s a car shop... where weed shop?

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    I once was a regular customer at this establishment but my last transaction with them made me feel as if I was taken advantage of. I am usually a flower smoker but I occasionally like to use the oil cartridge.

    In previous times I have had bad experiences with a brand named “PURE” as the cartridge were often faulty. I expressed my concerns to the personnel and they assured me that the brand “THINC” (the brand they carry in house) guaranteed a replacement cartridge in the event of a faulty cartridge. So, I purchased a cartridge.

    A couple of days later, I opened the THINC cartridge and it was just my luck that the cartridge was faulty. The cartridge did not produce a vapor and during the course of the day, the content in the cartridge disappeared. The next day I returned the cartridge to SKH and I was told to leave the cartridge with them and they would contact me the next day with a replacement.

    Well, the next day came but I did not receive a call from them. Four days had pass and I had yet to receive a call from SKH so I called them. The lady on the phone asked me my name and number and told me that I should receive a call within a couple of hours. Well, that never happened. So seven days had passed. I decided to call again. Same story but no call. I even went into SKH on several occasions and they have yet to make this situation right.

    I’ve totally given up but I have also come to the conclusion that this place practices shady and unethical business practices.

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    First Delivery AAAXXX
    I went to the dispensary first to check out the place. Great atmosphere of welcome. Easy to get too, from Pac Hwy. Excellent choice of Bud. Tried the White Rose bought some more today. Had my first delivery and it was prompt I think it took about 20 to 30 minutes, nice very curtous delivery young man was nice and polite. I am going to try the Agent Orange out, wish me luck. Also got a freebee. That was a bonus. TRY THIS PLACE OUT.

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    Easy First time visit
    Front Entrance very simple but nice, Very prompt, easy to become Member. No Waiting. Trying the White Rose, 25mg Cherry Bombs 1st time(virgin). Freebee was very much needed. Have taken the Cherry Bomb and it has mellowed me out. Thanks for all the help ; liked that Bud Tender came out from behind the counter to show you the product answered all of my questions; will be a return customer.