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We have 33 different strains and currently accepting contributions. We Have Rick Simpson oil, hash, kief, Pre rolled, 8 different flavored alcohol and glycerin tincture, canna lotion, several different edibles, canna olive oil, canna butter and...


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    To booth3, you must just be an a hole. Because I've been going there more four months and haven't found a rude or unknowledgeable person yet. They ALL know what they are talking about and are VERY helpful. So anybody that reads this please pay no mind to the idiot cougars fan. CANNATOPIA TOO ROCKS. With that I'm out the door to the store!!!

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    Absolutely the RUDEST STAFF you will ever meet! I am new to the area so I wanted to check out all the local shops in town, and this one was the closest to my home. I was excited to see everything they had to offer but the disrespectful and offensive employees working there made sure I was shooed away instead. I guess I will just take my money elsewhere. Where the staff is friendly and they welcome questions about their product; in fact they encourage it! Take my advice, save your time and money and go to A BUD AND LEAF instead. It's only 1 mile down the road and the people working there will greet you with open arms and welcome any questions you may have!

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    I was a two year loyal customer. They just raised prices on products I like by 60%. No deals or breaks on bulk. I'll never spend money there again.

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