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4:20-5:20pm daily special $50 1/4 oz on any shelf!!! sunday - 5 grams for the price of 4 monday - buy 3 edibles, get 1 free tuesday - $5 off tincture wednesday - clones 20% off thursday - body jewelry $2 off friday - pipes $5...


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    Great bud at great prices. Concentrates, edibles, cape cartridges etc. Give em a try, tell em Mr. $100 Challenge sent you :)

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    I love Urban Medicinal Great Budtenders who are very Knowledgeable and among the largest edible selection with rso and other concentrates everyone needs to come see this loving store

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    i did buisness with louis johnson who owns but is no longer the face of urban he takes patients products in on consignment and doen't compinsate his growers and patients with anything other than excuses. I feel like this is why they should do background checks on dispensary owners just as extensively as they did with the retail licenses. Louis is a crook with a long criminal background and admitted gang afiliations. This is far from a safe access point!

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