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First Time Patients

First time patients recieve a choice of a fre edible or preroll with donation

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    professional clean environment, knowledgeable, and nice
    Has been great to deal with,gave me great advise on what might help with my Parkinson symptoms.

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    True COLORS
    We found this place to be very friendly, clean and classy as a patient.

    But...Come back with a donation and the tide turns into a very unprofessional, murky, degrading situation. We took a sample into the owner and he liked them and told us he would take several ounces in 4 days. So as the 4th day came around we called to confirm that we would be in for delivery. We were then told by the female owner Angel that no she would not take several ounces but instead only two. But call back tomorrow. So we did and no one answered. As we both have jobs we started down there to make the planned delivery. Calling again on the way. Just to be told by Angel, "NO we don't want any". This is absolutely a unprofessional, rude and irresponsible way to handle business. In my experience, you just don't lead people on. We found the owners of this dispensary to be disingenuous at heart. Unfortunately, not honorable folk.

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    Professionalism at its Finest
    Angel is amazing to work with and shows true empathy. She educated me on what products would be best for my chemo side effects. So far, so good...no nausea or other nasty stuff yet. I will return to this location as my #1 choice above all other establishments in the area. The location is not only convenient, but is clean, non assuming and feels much like a doctors office atmosphere. Product line is superior although would like to see more strains. Variety of product is good and all will grow as does the collective.

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