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    "The Solution was already my favorite access point when I learned about the FREE GRAM deal, so it was no problem writing a REVIEW detailing exactly what I love about The Solution! Thanks for the FREE GRAM guys!"...


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    Good buds, good bho and also good service and right next to fairwood center so easy to stop by any time

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    I was seriously offended when the receptionist refused to let me into the club because she didn't like the size of my authorization. I have a laminated authorization with a photo ID on the other side courtesy of my Doctors office. It has my Doctors signature, my verification number and is printed on tamper proof paper. I have never had any issues anywhere else but The Solution who refused to see me. The staff blamed their bosses; honestly, these people need to get a clue. What a disservice to the patients.

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    I LOVE this place. Excellent service, great product and probably the best deals in the South Seattle area. Check them out!

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