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    Friendly , helpful ,informative, reasonable and most of all honest, best experience with this shop regarding MMJ. Top shelf is a bit higher compare to other shops around Lynnwood , but its totally worth it! Good Quality Bud.

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    Very Helpful And Friendly
    couldnt of been any more helpful or friendly to me when i entered... Thanks again, i will be back soon

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    Is this Place a Joke
    15 dollars a gram for House Special WTF..... None the less the house special is the bottom of the barrel garb..
    Oh also grown in house 15 dollars a gram.. Yeah you guys are new but get with the program.. I will not return as I did not get such great customer service as i had read about before going to this place.. I am easy to work with but in house fifteen a gram seems a bit greedy since apparently it was the best they had as well and I wouldnt have donated 5 dollars for a g.. See ya Not to be back..