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    A Disappointing waste of time
    I need some high CBD meds and Clones so because my doctor had suggested Highway 9 wellness I called. I asked the very friendly receptionist about Med’s and clones and she told me they had the med’s but only had 6 of the clones left (less than I was wanting) but she was hoping that her “clone lady” would be there soon “possibly before you come in”, I told her I wanted the 6 and that I was driving from Seattle but I would be there before 3 pm (less than 2 hours) she told me OK well see you. I endured the afternoon traffic and arrived after a 1 ½ hour drive from hell.
    I was greeted by a friendly person and filled the mile of paperwork/questions. Approval came quick and then I was told that she sold all of the clones before I got there, I was pissed to say the least what part of I am driving up there didn’t this lady understand? As a no consolation door prize she again told me that she expected her clone lady soon and could call me to come in ~WHAT PART OF I DROVE 1 ½ HOURS didn’t she understand? I then had to get back in my car and drive back to shoreline to get all of the clones (not the type I really wanted) and med’s I needed.
    All said because they did not keep they word and hold the clones for me I lost 4 hours out of my afternoon before I got finally back home and was really hurting from all of the traffic driving ~ THANKS A LOT HWY 9 WELLNESS!!
    The friendly staff is overshadowed by the lack of honesty and compassion, she could have told me if you aren’t the first one in the door you will be out of luck instead of OK I’ll see you soon, and in my mind if they are dishonest in one way I must question in what other ways they are also.
    Bottom line is if you really need something from Highway 9 wellness and you call before you drive in DON’T count on getting it when you arrive.