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Formerly "Highway 9 Collective" Here to serve your medical cannabis needs. Non-Profit RCW 69.51A.085 CompliantHighway 9 Collective All strains $10/gram. New patient specials: Free gram or edible. All edibles half off. Conveniently located at:...


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    Great friendly, people, very helpful.

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    For 3 years I've spent thousands of dollars, and I tip your guys $5 every week. You start a new rule stating that I had to have my card with me to get in. The new rule is not even a week old and the door guy wouldn't let me in today. Not just one single time will you let me in after I drive 20 miles to get there every week and spend $150-$250 every single week. But he didn't care. I would have had my authorization with me each and every time afterwards that's for sure, I just had to be told to bring it next time not just get turned away. I've never been asked to present it before except for copying for your records. I've never even been in another store, EVER! I don't care for a response or any excuses. I'll never be back. I'll go give someone else my money.

    Thanks for 3 years.

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    This place never fails with a very knowledgable staff with superior products. customer loyalty record is proof that most people return. Highly recomended.

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