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    Love this guy’s strains. Discreet, off the grid, consistently high quality and extremely fair prices. His cookies are amazing!

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    Dorbin Poison and White Widow are gorgeous harvests! Resinous, fragrant, and flavorful, plus a solid body experience from both. Highly recommend. All of the recent harvests look, smell, and smoke 👌

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    Found a bug. Sticking to personal I guess.

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    He has amazing old-school strains that are heady and powerful (Ahtanum Wall Sticker), as well as newer strains like UW Purp and Huckleberry Kush. Gorgeous trim and dry jobs, full bud heads, and a charming and knowledgeable bud tender.

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    Love this guy and his quality meds. Old school still rules.

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    My new best friend!! Anyone speaking any less is inexperienced-uneducated to pain management alternatives and needs serious help - that or competition is being a *itch!

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    Excellent product. Budtender is very knowledgeable. Definitely buying here again

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    Meds are not medical grade. Lousy attempt at growing! I wouldn't consume if it were given to me.