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Sweet Relief Cannabis Company: Washington's premier retail outlet for qualified patients 18 and over and all adults 21 plus. Committed to serving quality cannabis, we are open daily until 8 pm and located at 420 N 11th St in Yakima, WA. We require...


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    Today the manager was embarrassed bc her employee was arguing with customers while more came into the dispensary. Regardless of any situation you NEED to hold yourself professional but this little girl goes off on anyone she feels the need too- have your facts and attitude in check or they will happily take your money. This establishment would be a great success without the attitude of ONE EMPLOYEE ruining it for the medicinal/recreational clients.All this over a miscommunication of indica and sativa.

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    This is the only place I go anymore. Budtenders knowledge and quick service. They all have a good attitude. Thanks.

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    Best prices & product in Yakima

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