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Wyoming Cannabis Laws

Is Weed Legal in Wyoming?

Wyoming has fallen behind other states in terms of marijuana legislature. As of now, both recreational and medical marijuana are illegal in the state. Furthering this, Wyoming has not elected to decriminalize marijuana and people can still be arrested for possession of small amounts. Recently, this state has been looking to change cannabis laws. In early 2021, a House committee tried to create a bill legalizing cannabis that died by the end of the session. Later in June 2021, activists filed marijuana decriminalization and medical cannabis for ballot measures in the 2022 election but are met with many hurdles by the legislature.

Buying Marijuana in Wyoming

While 83% of voters are in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, there has been no success throughout Wyoming in doing so. Buying marijuana in any capacity is illegal in Wyoming. This includes dispensaries, delivery, or even gifting marijuana. Getting caught possessing or distributing marijuana is still a criminal offense and can lead to fines and/or jail time. Recently, ballot measures have been introduced that would decriminalize small amounts of cannabis possession and legalize recreational marijuana in Wyoming, but they have not been added to the 2022 ballot just yet.

Buying Marijuana at a Retail Location

There are no retail locations in which one can purchase marijuana in Wyoming. The state still hasn’t legalized the sale of any product containing THC and any such business that does is operating illegally. It is clear that Wyoming voters are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, but there have not been enough signatures gathered to put it on the ballot.

CBD oil, however, was legalized on a federal level so long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, people are legally allowed to enter a retail location and purchase CBD oil. Many places offer CBD oil and the most common are health food stores or wellness boutiques.

Using a Marijuana Delivery Service

Marijuana delivery of any kind is illegal in Wyoming. One cannot purchase marijuana whether it be medical or recreational and delivery is no exception. Since there has not been a formal draft to legalize marijuana, it is unclear how Wyoming will view a marijuana delivery service. However, we will keep you updated as a new legislature may come.

CBD, on the other hand, is legal on a federal level and Wyoming has not introduced laws to stop the sale. Therefore, Wyoming citizens can legally have CBD oil, so long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, delivered to them via mail or pickup in a store.

Store Hours

There are still no dispensaries operating in the state of Wyoming as recreational and medical marijuana are illegal. However, people are allowed to purchase CBD oil in Wyoming and store hours vary greatly for that. CBD oil can be found in health food stores, wellness boutiques, vape shops and many more places. There are no legal restrictions on how long these types of stores remain open so you can purchase CBD oil at any time of the day or night.

Purchasing Restrictions

Attempts to decriminalize marijuana in Wyoming have yielded no success over previous years, but we have hope for the 2022 ballot initiatives. Until then, the purchase of marijuana in any amount or form is illegal, and people who purchase or possess less than 3 ounces of bud will be charged with a misdemeanor and either pay a fine of $1,000 or spend up to 12 months in jail. People who purchase or possess more than 3 ounces of marijuana, will be charged as a felon, spend 5 years in jail and be fined $10,000. Finally, if one is caught not possessing marijuana, but under the influence of marijuana, they will be charged with a misdemeanor, pay a fine of $750 and spend 6 months in jail.

Available Products

The only available product related to marijuana in Wyoming is CBD oil that contains less than 0.3% THC. CBD oil is legal on a federal level and Wyoming has not imposed any laws to stop it. Therefore, anyone can purchase CBD oil either online or at various retail locations. No other marijuana products can be found in Wyoming as they are all still illegal.

Taxes on Marijuana in Wyoming

Taxes on Recreational Marijuana in Wyoming

Recreational marijuana is illegal and not yet decriminalized in Wyoming, so any purchase does not go through a legal system of regulation and taxation. Therefore, one should never purchase recreational marijuana in Wyoming as the law prohibits it and officers are eager to charge people for it. CBD oil on the other hand is just considered a standard good and only faces the regular state sales tax of 4%.

Taxes on Medical Marijuana in Wyoming

Medical marijuana is also illegal in Wyoming so there is also no taxation implemented because the program doesn’t exist. As mentioned above, hemp and CBD are also only considered standard products meaning there is no special taxation on the product. Therefore, one should just expect to be taxed Wyoming’s sales tax of 4%.


Possession of any amount of marijuana has not been decriminalized in Wyoming. The following penalties apply for possessing marijuana:

  •  3 ounces or less: Misdemeanor, 12 months in jail and/or $1,000 fine
  • More than 3 ounces: Felony, 3.5 Years in Jail, $10,000 fine
  • Caught under the influence of marijuana: Misdemeanor, 6 Months in Jail and/or $750 fine

Using Marijuana in Wyoming

Using marijuana in Wyoming is still a crime no matter where one is located. There is no place where people can consume marijuana free of penalties. In fact, if one is caught under the influence of marijuana, there is a separate penalty of a $750 fine, 6 months in jail, or both. CBD oil, on the other hand, can be consumed anywhere in Wyoming. Since CBD oil contains such a small amount of THC, you can almost think of it as drinking a Kombucha. While a Kombucha does have trace amounts of alcohol, there is not enough to feel the effects and one can legally drink them anywhere. The same goes for CBD oil. 

Smoking on Federal Lands

As you may know, marijuana of any kind is still illegal on a federal level. Essentially what this means is that any land that is owned by the federal government puts you in the feds jurisdiction where marijuana is illegal. Therefore, if you are caught possessing and/or consuming marijuana on federally owned land, you will be prosecuted by the feds.

Medical Marijuana in Wyoming

Wyoming, along with many other states has kept marijuana fully illegal. In addition, Wyoming is also one of eight states where marijuana hasn’t even been decriminalized. Many states have been working on legislation to legalize medical marijuana, but Wyoming has made no such efforts. Currently, there is no completed draft of a bill ready to be judged by congress but rather a ballot initiative from local activists. We will certainly keep you updated concerning any legislation created by the state, but for now, medical marijuana is won't come until at least the 2022 election.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Wyoming

Since medical marijuana is still illegal in Wyoming, it is not possible to obtain a medical card. Once medical marijuana becomes legal in Wyoming, you can begin the application process. But for now, there is no application or registry to get a medical marijuana card.

Out of State Medical Cards Wyoming

Wyoming has no facilities to grow marijuana, meaning there would be no place to even use a medical marijuana card. Since there has not been a complete draft in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, it is hard to know where Wyoming stands without state medical marijuana cards. We will keep you updated as any new information may come to light.

How to Transport Marijuana in Wyoming

Transporting Marijuana in Wyoming

Since possession of marijuana is illegal in Wyoming, you cannot transport marijuana across the state. If you are caught with marijuana in Wyoming, you will face Wyoming state police enforcement and be charged under state laws. If you are caught with marijuana it means that you either brought it from another state or illegally purchased or cultivated cannabis within the state. Either of these actions is illegal and will be punished.

Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana

Since marijuana is still illegal in Wyoming, driving under the influence will land someone in serious trouble. First, if there are any signs of marijuana impairment, a drug inspection officer will be sent to the scene. If deemed impaired they will be charged on several accounts including a DUI, possession charges, jail time, license suspension, court-ordered rehabilitation and a monstrous number of fines. In any state driving under the influence of marijuana is a bad idea and can harm many people, and in Wyoming, the charges are even more serious.

Driving Across State Lines with Marijuana

Despite legalization efforts in certain states, driving across state lines puts you into federal jurisdiction where marijuana is illegal. Therefore, it is illegal to drive across any state line even if you are entering a state where marijuana is illegal or even if you are crossing between two legal states.

Growing Marijuana in Wyoming

Nobody of any age or status can grow marijuana in Wyoming. There are no legal cultivators in the state either. If anyone is caught growing marijuana it will be a felony no matter how much one grows or how many times they have been caught. In addition to the felony charge, anyone who is caught growing will also be sentenced to jail and pay fines respective to the amount grown.


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