Where's Weed
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4/21/2018 - 3:46PM

This is the absolute worst dispensary in the state. Highest prices I've seen anywhere. Also, the manager of the place has absolutely no managerial skills. The owner is absent most of the time. We all know what happens with an absente owner, they have no idea what a shit show is going on., and believe me it is quite a show. I have never been in any place where when you ask to peak o the manager of a place she comes to you with the attitude yha we should all be grteful she lets us in. The falsley advertised BOGO up to state limit. What they didnt tell you was only 14 ounces per strain. Because i quetioned it she had quite the attitude. I guess she hasnt figured out that her job is customer service not acting tho its an honor for me to be allowed in. I will not be back until a quLified manager is in place. I would like to add add the budtendrrs and security are very professional. Maybe the manager which did not introduce herself could take a lesson on how to treat customers, especially the elderly.

6/12/2017 - 2:31PM

Way way to expensive, Everything is $18 and up for a very dry, old selection. This is the only dispensary in a town with 37% unemployment and 50% seniors. They charge more then any legal dispensary anywhere I have been. It should be a crime.