Should I Give CBD Oil to My Cat?

Should I Give CBD Oil to My Cat?

Published on 7/24/21

Few topics in the cannabis industry have gained more momentum within the past few years than cannabinoids, called CBD, the chemical within cannabis that relaxes mind and body while providing a variety of health benefits. Unlike THC that gives you a euphoric head high, CBD does not affect your perception or your memory, making it beneficial for anyone with a particular health problem like anxiety or chronic pain. Furthermore, it is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill provided it was made from hemp, male cannabis plants, that have less than .3% THC (hemp has very little THC to begin with; marijuana, the female cannabis plant, is what really packs THC in high quantities).

CBD It to Believe It


With the legalization in many states of CBD products like tinctures, edibles and even beverages, the market has quickly moved on to a new audience: pets. Pet CBD treats have exploded in popularity as owners look for ways to manage pet stress, pain or sleep without resorting to prescription medication or expensive veterinarian visits. Many vets recommend CBD use because it has been shown to be safe for most pets, just as it has been shown to be safe for most people.

If you own a cat, perhaps you have heard of the trend of oils and creams for your fluffy friend. But how does CBD for cats work, how safe is it, and can cats take CBD oil just like humans do? We'll also cover questions like, can I give CBD oil to my cat or does it require a professional treatment?

Anxious Animals

Cats, like people, suffer from anxiety for a variety of reasons. Some cats are naturally skittish; others have a traumatic past; and still, others simply don't like having their space intruded on. Anxiety in cats presents in many forms, like excessive licking and salivation, making frequent loud noises and destructive behavior. CBD oil for cats is an excellent remedy for anxiety because it works on the same brain receptors as it does for humans: the cannabinoids bind to the parts of the brain that regulate fears and uncertainties, dampening the emotional impact and decreasing stress.

One of the great benefits of cats and CBD oil is that the medication does not require a formal diagnosis or prescription. A particularly stressful experience, such as a trip to the vet or moving to a new house, is a perfect opportunity to use CBD oil. Pet owners, after all, know their furry friends better than anyone else and know what life experiences will prove most anxiety-inducing.

Cat Naps


A further benefit of CBD and cats is that it can help manage a cat's sleep schedule. Any cat owner knows the problem when a cat's sleep schedule is thrown out of whack: they may wake you up hours before dawn, or just an hour after you've gone to bed because they have not been sleeping correctly. It's bad enough that a nocturnal cat will wake you up in the dead of night by itself, but it is even worse when that cat has not slept in two whole days. If you find your own sleep cycle thrown off because your cat's sleep cycle is out of sync, CBD can be useful for both you and your cat.

CBD and other cannabis products are excellent sleep aids for both people and pets, including cats. CBD helps to treat aspects of insomnia, alleviating the stresses and the pains that prevent good sleep. Anyone who has ever smoked a lot in one go knows that you may quickly find yourself struggling to stay awake. What works for humans works for cats because cats also suffer from insomnia, and when it comes to CBD cats have their neurochemistry affected by the substance just as we humans do.

Types of Treats

If you want to see how your cat functions with a CBD treatment, but are not sure where to start, the first thing is to consider what type of cat you have. A cat that is particularly motivated by food and treats will be sure to lap up a CBD edible specifically for pets, made with low- or no-THC strains so there is no way to get your cat high. These tasty varieties may be the easiest way to get a cat to take a CBD treatment, especially if they are fussy and don't like being touched.

CBD oil and hemp oil are some of the best-known and most popular CBD remedies. They are quite different from hash oil or dabs and have little or no THC themselves. It is simply rubbed on bare skin, such as a cat's lips or paws, and begins to work quickly by moving through the layers of skin until it hits the bloodstream. Hemp oil for cats takes less time to work than an edible, making it a great choice for any pet owner who wants relief as soon as possible. A tincture is sometimes used to administer CBD oil by mouth, where it also is absorbed more quickly because it does not need to be broken down before it is digested.

Do you have a pet cat or dog who has ever taken a pet CBD supplement? What has been your experiment with CBD and cats? Do you recommend any particular brands or products? Let us know in the comments below!

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