Why You Need an E-Nail for Dabbing Now

Why You Need an E-Nail for Dabbing Now

Published on 10/10/21

The cannabis concentrate game may seem like a challenge for novice smokers. After all, wax has a much higher level of THC, meaning that a single hit may knock you out way more than traditional cannabis. A good dab is just as much an art as a science, but one thing is always a constant: you want the temperature to be as level as possible, neither too hot (which can melt the wax too fast and leave you with a plastic taste) nor too cold (leaving the dab intact without giving off any vapor). One key solution is an e-nail, a new type of temperature delivery mechanism that offers a significant upgrade to the traditional torch. If you have already invested in a dab rig, do yourself a favor and get a dab nail to bring your high to the next level.

What's In a Name

What is an e-nail? As the name suggests, it runs on electricity, and its shape is nail-like so that it can best balance the wax and make contact with the dab rig. E-nails have only recently come on to the cannabis market but have exploded in popularity because they maintain a more consistent temperature. An electric nail dabber is a piece of metal connected to an electric coil that transfers heat throughout the entire metal. Since users can control the temperature with a push of a button, they don't need to play the guessing game of a traditional butane torch. Previously, taking a dab might require overbaking a nail or a dab bowl, turning it to red-hot temperatures. An e-nail gives far more precision, allowing you to measure the exact temperature for delivery. The result is consistent temperatures, as well as the ability to measure different temperatures to find out what you like best.

Why Use an E-Nail?

As with most cannabis equipment, you may find benefits and disadvantages to a particular piece or product. However, when it comes to an e-nail, there's not many disadvantages to speak of outside of cost. At about $200 for a startup e-nail, and with replacement parts costing $30 to $40, it can add on the cost of what may already be a fairly expensive cannabis habit. Unlike homemade hash, furthermore, we don't recommend making one yourself as a way to cut down on costs (while kits are available, the risk of high heat means you can easily burn yourself or your property). 

Nevertheless, the benefits outweigh the costs. The best e-nail products on the market mean that you no longer need to rely on butane as a heating ingredient, cutting down on the costs of a dab as well as the health effects of inhaling this hot gas. Electricity is much more widely available, and much cheaper, than butane, making a charged portable e-nail a perfect way to hit a dab when you're away from home. A single charge can work for hours, furthermore, meaning you don't need to concern yourself nearly as much with recharging and refueling. Special events, such as cannabis conventions where wax hits are available at booths and displays, make it all the more helpful to have your nail on hand and not have to worry about dab etiquette.


Along with the high cost of an e-nail, the primary risk associated with a dab nail is its high heat. With temperatures that rise as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, a dab nail is no joke: it should never be used around kids, pets, or situations where it can be dropped or mishandled. Using a dab nail requires a user to be able to focus and maintain a steady hand; it may be intimidating for a beginner, and certainly should not be used by a person who is not already familiar with taking dabs. Likewise, it is never recommended to use them in a setting with flammable materials.

Best E-Nails on the Market

Yo Dabba Dabba

Since e-nails are a relatively new invention, the list of the best e-nails available to purchase is limited by the few companies that have begun mass production. However, some products are already making waves in the community for their quality.

Perhaps the best is the Yo Dabba Dabba e-nail, running from $200 to $225 depending on size. This company manufactures a smaller mini e-nail, although the cost is the same regardless of size, which allows better portability even though it trades off raw power. With cords from 16mm to 25mm, the e-nail has a bit of flexibility in terms of power output, and a choice of a titanium nail or a titanium-quartz nail.

On the cheaper end is the Ispire The Wand, at just $170. The first e-nail to use induction heating, The Wand gets hot fast - perfect for the impatient types. With temperature settings that range from 250 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, it hits lower high temperatures overall but provides a great deal of range for those who want to experiment with different levels.

One of the smallest and most portable e-nails is the Pulsar Elite Series at $200. This 150-watt heater may be small but can hit fantastic high temperatures, reaching up to 1200 degrees,  hotter than the melting point of aluminum. Furthermore, it features a five-foot-long cable, giving you more flexibility if you need to use it before it's fully charged. The digital display makes it easy to read the temperature and adjust it, more so than other readers that rely on knobs that give less precision.

Do you have an e-nail that you use for hitting concentrates? Do you prefer to hit a dab using another method? Let us know in the comments below about your experiences with this new type of cannabis consumption!

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