How to Smoke Crumble? How Dabbing with Different Cannabis Concentrates Works

How to Smoke Crumble? How Dabbing with Different Cannabis Concentrates Works

Published on 2/22/22

You can be forgiven for not paying attention to all the newest and latest developments in the cannabis industry. From next-generation edibles to high-density concentrate to ultra-loaded concoctions, there's a manner of different ways to get high as a kite and plenty of opinions about how best to do it. When it comes to a particular type of concentrate called crumble wax, it is marketed as hitting hard and long. If both of these sound like fun to you, you may be interested in how to smoke crumble. It is similar to some types of shatter or dab waxes, but there are some unique qualities that make it a bit more complicated.

What's In A Name


A crumble dab resembles a particularly chunky bit of cheese, or even a small fried chicken leg. The name comes from its physical properties: you need only touch crumble for it to fall apart on your fingers, with a similar consistency to feta cheese (though a very different taste and smell). Wax crumble is usually a color that ranges from orange to brown. While it falls apart on contact, this doesn't mean it is weak: the THC crumble rating can be as high as 90% -- several times more potent than standard leaf cannabis and nearly twice as strong as most concentrates.

Making crumble is similar to the production of other concentrates. Cannabis leaf is put under intense pressure until the purest THC "bleeds" out in the form of a resin. While this is where the production line ends for standard concentrates, crumble gets a solvent like butane to make its purity even higher.

Why Smoke Crumble?

What is crumble weed and why would you smoke it? Due to its high concentration of THC, the main reason to spark up crumble is to get really, really high. If you've built up a tolerance from your standard joint-and-bong smoking hobby, and want to remember what it's like to giggle at nothing for an hour, crumble can be a great way to liven up your experience. Crumble also has versatility: unlike standard concentrates, it can be added to leaf marijuana and smoked, much in the same way you would for the kief at the bottom of your grinder. Generally speaking, however, it is cheaper to both buy crumble cannabis and to smoke it: the cost is lower than concentrates, while you don't need all the gear of other waxes, such as a full dab rig. At just $40 per gram in fact, crumble can be cheaper than high-grade cannabis itself.

Due to its very high strength, crumble also has medicinal applications. The potency means it is an excellent solution for anxiety or insomnia, giving you the euphoria and the head high that is second to none. When issues like stress keep you from being your best, crumble can be an excellent way to unwind after the workday.

Smoking Process

There are several ways to smoke crumble, depending on your preferences. You can either add it to an existing routine, or you can try a new method and see how you enjoy it.

  • Crumble joint: the ability to pull pieces apart means that it's easy peasy to roll up a full joint of crumble cannabis. Simply get a good set of rolling papers, drop crumble into the middle, and roll back up. Due to the potency, however, you shouldn't think that you can puff away as you might to a joint; anything more than one or two puffs might be too much for most people to handle.
  • Vape crumble: from a small vape pen to a $400 vaporizer, crumble is perfect for vaping. Vaping crumble is no different from vaping leaf or liquid cannabis; simply insert and get to business.
  • Crumble in a dab rig: if you already have the full dab rig setup, all you need to do is set a bit of crumble onto the plate and hit it with a hot nail. You will go from 0 to 60 just about instantly, but that's the whole point.
  • Crumble edibles: while the raw taste of crumble is less than appealing, they can be incorporated into a standard brownie bake, used in savory treats, or simply added to sparkling water to make cannabis soda.

Tips for Smoking

As with all higher-level concentrates, the first and most important piece of advice is to take it slowly. Crumble will certainly hit hard, no matter who you are and your background. There's no need to show off or try to prove to yourself that you can handle an entire gram in one go. Make sure you have everything you need: drinks, snacks, a solid movie to watch in case you need to melt into the couch, and anything else to make sure a smoking session is good clean fun.

Additionally, it can be combined at low concentrations to another smoking method, like leaf or shatter. This makes it easier to take and lets your crumble go further. Finally, consider carefully tracking just how much crumble you smoke in a single go so that your next time smoking, you can adjust the quantity for the best possible experience.

Do you enjoy smoking crumble? How does it compare to your favorite concentrates or other cannabis products? Let us know in the comments below!

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