Choosing the Right THC Edibles for You

Choosing the Right THC Edibles for You

Published on 9/29/21

Everyone has the one edible experience that didn't go exactly as planned. Either they were sent into outer space and slept for 24 whole hours, or they were so high that they swore to never eat an edible again. These are often stories people hear when it comes to edibles and if you have never been a consumer of THC edibles; it can be extremely terrifying. If edibles are a new frontier for you entirely, don't stress because we'll make sure you are set up for success

What Even are Weed Edibles? 

For those who are novices in the cannabis game, a weed edible is simply a food item that has been made with marijuana or marijuana oil as an alternative to smoking or vaping weed. These edibles can materialize as delicious items such as brownies, cookies, lollipops, candy bars and so much more. People reach for these items not just because they are tasty treats, but because the edible experience varies greatly from smoking cannabis. 

For starters, edibles have a delayed effect because they must be digested and absorbed through the body, which will take a bit longer than smoking. Edibles are also going to last longer than smoking because the THC is getting dispersed into the bloodstream at a slower, steadier rate, rather than all at once with smoking. Finally, the high is going to be stronger, which is why you always hear about these crazy stories. When the THC makes its way to the liver, it is transformed into a more potent form of THC. 

How to Make Edibles: A Few Tips 

When it comes to cooking in the kitchen with cannabis, there is much more than meets the eye. Whether you are looking to use up some weed that has been laying around or experiment with flavors in the kitchen, there is never a bad time to create some edibles. However, there are a few key things to remember. First, you've got to decarboxylate your bud, which is the chemical process that involves heat, light and time that turns your bud into the psychoactive compound that is going to get you absolutely baked. Without this process, raw cannabis isn't going to produce any euphoric cerebral feelings. 

Secondly, for properly dosed and distributed cannabis edibles, it is best to convert your cannabis into oil. This is the best option all around, as THC is fat-soluble. So, grabbing something high in fat like butter or coconut oil is going to deliver the best results and is ideal for cannabis. 

The Types of Edibles 

There is one thing to remember with edibles, and that is that they are not all created equally. Just like there are different strains of cannabis, there are different strain-specific types of edibles and edibles that are also made for their effect. 

A sativa edible is going to be designed for a day at a music festival, dancing around to your favorite artist or for getting creative and tackling that project you've been putting off with laser-sharp focus. Expect an uplifted mood, increase in focus and a nice cerebral buzz. An indica edible, on the other hand, is going to pretty much do the opposite. You're going to feel a bit more sedated, relaxed and overall sleepy while also feeling relieved from any underlying pain you're experiencing. A hybrid edible is going to have effects falling right in the middle of the two spectrums, which could be the best edibles for beginners. 

With the cannabis industry and its technologies being so advanced as they are today, there are even edibles tailored to your exact activity or effect that you're looking for. Looking to get some sleep for once? There is an edible for that. Looking to increase your libido and overall pleasure during sex? You can find a lollipop tailored specifically for that. Do you want a nice head buzz that doesn't bring an overpowering high? There are edibles that combine the power of THC and caffeine into one, tiny drop. 

What Kind of Edibles Are You Looking For? 


There is no question more important than this one when it comes to browsing edibles. If you're looking for the best edibles for sleep, make sure you're not being pointed to sativa edibles. If you find yourself battling chronic pain, some of the best edibles for pain relief can be found with CBD, so make sure you are looking there. You want the edible to be tailored to your desires, right? As long as you know what you're looking for and are going in with a plan, you can almost always be steered away from a bad edibles experience.  

How to Find a Quality Dispensary 

Sure, there are dispensaries popping up everywhere in states with legalized recreational cannabis, but the quality of each dispensary varies. Luckily, here at Where's Weed, we are your one-stop-shop for finding and rating your favorite dispensaries. Simply enter in your city and click "find dispensary" and you'll be directed to a map with all the dispensaries in your area. From there, you'll be able to browse menus, deals and reviews. You'll find a great dispensary that can direct you towards the best edibles for seniors or the best edibles for creativity. 

What Should You Ask a Budtender? 

The smiling sales associate in the dispensary, also known as the budtender, is there to help and share their vast cannabis knowledge with you. They can answer important questions about how reputable a brand is, if the products have been lab-tested and even how the flower has been grown. Or, have some fun with it and ask what their favorite thing is on the menu or what product excites them the most. After all, it's just weed! 

Do you have any tips or tricks for finding the right edible? What's the number one question you ask a budtender when shopping for edibles? Let us know below. 

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