How to Host the Perfect Cannabis Party

How to Host the Perfect Cannabis Party

Published on 6/28/20

Updated on Apr 25, 2022

The grill is out, and the summer sun is scorching down. That can only mean one thing - the 4th of July is right around the corner! Many think of Independence Day as synonymous with beer, hot dogs, and fireworks, but cannabis is quickly becoming a mainstay of the summer celebration. After all, it only makes sense that as cannabis gets more and more mainstream and widely accepted by the average American, use will rise as well! 

So whether you're planning on firing up the BBQ or lighting off fireworks this year, a hefty helping of weed is the perfect way to compliment your 4th of July festivities. And if you're getting together with friends, a weed-themed party fits right in with a celebration of freedom. There is nothing like enjoying a little green during a celebration of the red, white, and blue, right? Well, thats where we here at Wheres Weed come in!  

So if you're thinking about throwing a weed party to celebrate the fourth, keep reading. We've got tips, tricks, suggestions for weed party decorations, cheap weed party favors, and everything you need to turn your backyard into the perfect holiday smoke session. So without too much further ado, lets get right into it!

How To Host Cannabis Parties

The term "weed party" may sound intimidating at first, but the pairing is pretty simple for anyone who enjoys smoking and likes to party. A cannabis party is constructed to draw attention away from alcohol in most cases. With more and more young people opting for cannabis instead of booze these days anyway, it wouldn't exactly be a controversial or unwelcomed choice. Of course, it is acceptable to have beer or liquor at your marijuana parties, but too much booze will often change the mood of your get-together and may cause some inexperienced guests to cross-fade out of their comfort zone.

Outside of balancing the party's intoxicant intake, a weed party's goal is to make sure that guests can experience the plant in whichever way suits them best. Parties are meant to bring people together, but when your party is weed-themed, some people will inevitably be overwhelmed by too many people. To make sure your guests feel comfortable, set up a safe, quiet space away from the crowd.

If you have an outdoor space, set up seating, decorations, and music that encourage camaraderie, engagement, and dancing. Inside, set aside at least one room for people to chill out and get away from the social scene. If possible, set up a TV room with a movie or wildlife documentary to give anyone with a couch-lock a place to escape.

Overall, a 420-friendly 4th of July party should focus on what you like to do when you're stoned and share that with friends. That means enough weed for everyone, plenty of food and beverages, some silly games to play, and a few fireworks for visual effects because it's Independence Day.

Weed Party Supplies

To throw a crazy party, youll need some essential supplies. First, the number one party supply you need for your weed parties is weed. Duh. No surprises there, right? But just buying an ounce of bud and laying it out on your coffee table or back patio isn't going to cut it. When it comes to cannabis flower, rolling a bowl full of joints or buying many pre-rolls from a dispensary is your best bet. Joints are easy to share, last longer than a bowl, and add to the party atmosphere. Its also safer for those looking not to share joints for the risk of spreading illness. After all, we can never be too careful not to get others sick. 

But what about people who don't like flower? Well, weve got something just for them as well! For a pot party, it's a good idea to have multiple different types of cannabis-infused treats. Edibles are always a great second option, but if you also have a BBQ or cookout to celebrate the holiday, please make sure that your infused treats are adequately labeled. You dont want guests to accidentally ingest 400mg of THC when they just want to eat a few regular brownies. Weve all taken too much of something before and were not prepared. So do your best to help everyone avoid that experience as much as possible!

For stoners who don't like joints or edibles, having a party-friendly vaporizer like the Volcano on hand is an excellent conversation starter that will leave your guests speechless by the end of the night. Its simple, easy to use, and wont stink up an indoor space too much! 

Plenty of pot isn't the only thing that makes a cannabis party pop, though, so there are still a few extra supplies you'll need. Most importantly, you need plenty of food to feed everyone and enough water to keep your friends hydrated. After all, there's nothing worse than a party full of people with munchies and dry mouths.

Give Your Guests Lasting Memories

When the night is winding down, the fireworks are fizzling out, and your party guests are starting to enter a weed coma phase, it is probably time to shut things down and call it a night. But due to weed's memory-altering properties, it is also an excellent idea to let your guests leave with a lasting memento of your pot party.

It may sound like a throwback to days of childhood birthday parties, but there are plenty of options for cheap weed party favors that will keep people thinking about your pot party through the end of summer. Whether it's holiday-specific or custom for your party, low-cost gifts like lighters, micro-dosed edibles, or rolling paper packs can be easily obtained and make a perfect take-home for future smoke sessions.

No matter how many people you have at your 4th of July shindig, these weed party ideas will help you celebrate Independence Day with a bang and still sleep through the rest of the neighborhood's late-night fireworks shows.

Do you have playlists, decoration, or party favor ideas that we missed for a perfect 4th of July pot party? Chime in below with your favorite weed party games and BBQ munchies.

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