Top 7 Graphic Novels to Read While High

Top 7 Graphic Novels to Read While High

Published on 7/15/21

There are so many things you can do when lighting up with your favorite herb: cannabis. Make a recipe for weed tea, movies and tv shows to stream while high, even a beginner's guide to meditation when stoned! Of course, while we have touched on the best books to read,  we can't forget about the beloved graphic novel! Below is our list of the must-read graphic novels for when you're stoned. 

What is a Graphic Novel? 

When many people think of a graphic novel, they are likely picturing something more similar to a comic book. However, a graphic novel and a comic book aren't synonymous, even though they are quite often used interchangeably. When defining a graphic novel, it is a novel that tells a complete story via illustrations, containing a beginning, middle and end. It will always offer a resolution that one expects from a novel, even if in a series. A comic book on the other hand is a shorter medium issued on a weekly or monthly basis, that are pieces of sequential art. 

How Have Graphic Novels Broken Away from Comic Books?


The graphic novel has come a long way from comics for a few reasons. For starters, the graphic novel is typically much larger and covers a wide array of genres and subject matter, not simply just superheroes (even though there are many!). Graphic novels are always a complete narrative, whereas comics can be hard to read and understand if you haven't read the previous strip. Graphic novels also broke away from comics as Hollywood slowly began adapting movies based on them, coupled with the emergence of Manga in the United States. Essentially, the more substantial story line that comes with a graphic novel is what made it break free from simply being a comic

A fun fact: print sales have been on decline since the Great Recession except for graphic novels for adults, with sales reaching greater than $1 billion.

Must-Read Graphic Novels When You're Stoned


Watchmen (Superhero)

Author: Alan Moore

You've probably seen the movie or even watched the new HBO television show adaptation, but did you know that this is one of the most popular graphic novels of all time? This graphic novel looks to deconstruct and even satirize superheroes through looking at the moral struggles of them living in a "normal" world. It takes place in an alternative America that is on the brink of World War III and dives into the investigation of a murder. Light up with a sativa like Maui Wowie, perfect for getting motivated and focused, all paired with a high-energy euphoria. 

Paper Girls (Mystery/Sci-Fi)

Author: Brian K. Vaughan

This graphic novel follows four 12-year-old paper girls the day after Halloween in the mid-80s as they discover perhaps one of the most important stories of all time. Set in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, these girls receive a rather spooky visit from the future. It is a coming-of-age story, mixed with futuristic dystopia and 80s nostalgia. Relax with an indica like LA Confidential to deliver a fast-acting numbing to the body and mind as you take this page-turner in. 

V for Vendetta (Dystopia)

Author: Alan Moore

This is just another example of a film taking inspiration from one of the best graphic novels of all time. Set in a totalitarian and futurist England where there is no longer freedom or faith left, one man, named V, fights back for those who can't. He's looking to change this new, bleak world with only one ally named Evey Hammond. To this day it is a great parable for current events and oppressive regimes. Grab a hybrid like Lava Cake to release all stress and anxiety, especially when you see the parallels to this story and what is happening today. 

The Wicked + The Divine (Fantasy)

Author: Kieron Gillen

This beautiful graphic novel draws inspiration from pop music and various mythical deities, while diving into an exploration of life and death. The narrative follows a young girl, Laura, as she meets twelve people who have been reincarnated as gods. Roll up with an indica such as Blue Cheese, so you can drift off into a dreamy headspace when reading through this fantastical graphic novel. 

Hellboy (Superhero)

Author: Mike Mignola 

Considered to be one of the best graphic novels in recent times, this graphic novel is the basis for the blockbuster film series by Guillermo del Toro. The tale follows a strange man who is sent to investigate a mystery, with supernatural overtones, while discovering who he is in the midst of a Nazi world. You'll need to keep up with this novel, so grab a sativa like Durban Poison to keep you spirited, uplifted and focused on Hellboy. 

Blackbird (Neo-Noir/Fantasy)

Author: Sam Humphries

Follow Nina Rodriguez navigate through a magical world run by ruthless beasts in Los Angeles who kidnap her sister. She must tackle the fantastical demons while also wrestling with her own internal issues to get her sister back and recover her own life. Try a nice hybrid here, like Wedding Cake, to deliver a calming sensation to relax with the novel, while also keeping you slightly energized. 

High Crimes (Crime/Thriller)

Author: Christopher Sebela 

A disgraced Olympic snowboarder Zan Jensen runs a side business as a grave robber, on none other than Mount Everest. A body turns up at the summit, with a treasure chest of secrets hidden with it, as she must fight off the government who is trying to kill her. Zan finds herself racing to the top of one of the deadliest places on earth to find an escape. You'll need to keep up with this page-turner, so grab a high-CBD strain like Ringo's Gift to keep the focus on the page and keep your nerves relaxed. 

Do you have a favorite graphic novel? Have you read any of these listed above? Let us know below. 

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