Why You Should Buy a Roach Clip

Why You Should Buy a Roach Clip

Published on 7/8/21

Everyone loves to have a nice accessory when it comes to their cannabis smoking game. Whether it is a bowl, one-hitter or bong, they each have their own time, place and special use. But what about the roach clip? For those who love to sit back on the couch with their favorite vinyl spinning in the background, roach clips can be essential when your joint gets down to the very end. So next time you're at the smoke shop, be sure to grab one of these essential tools.

What is a Roach? 


A roach, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a slang term for the end of a cigarette containing marijuana. In simpler terms, a roach refers to the tip of a spliff, blunt or joint that is leftover after a smoking session.

Some people don't discard roaches and you may have been wondering why. Many smokers will preserve these roaches and roll the remaining weed together in a different joint for use later on, to reduce waste and maximize weed usage. Interestingly enough, the roach is considered to have the most resin, which is naturally produced in the trichomes and contains THC, because the THC smoke is passing through and settles within the end of the joint with each inhalation. 

Are Roach Clips Actually Helpful? 

If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, then you need to add one of these accessories to the lineup. There are a few reasons why they are extremely helpful, so listen up. For starters, as you continue to smoke down the joint, it gets much harder to hold the joint. If you've got a roach clip handy, you'll be able to savor every last bit without burning your fingers. The roach clip, or sometimes called a roach clip holder, also makes it much easier to pass between friends, and everyone loves a successful, seamless smoking session.

A roach clip can also cool the smoke as it gets down to the very end, as it will take longer to get to your lips with a clip than without one, giving you maximum comfort while consuming your favorite substance. It also helps you avoid the annoying hot smoke from going straight into your eye. Even if you find both of those reasons unhelpful, the cool designs and wide variety available make it a must-have!

The Origin of the Roach Holder

Cannabis has been used for centuries, and with cannabis legalization just now starting to boom, people are finally realizing that this plant can do so much for us. With cannabis being enjoyed for so long, the origins stories go back further than you would think. Even way past the subculture movement of the 1960s and 1970s. There are two stories here that claim to be the origin, the first one comes from the early 1900s in Mexico. The Mexican folk song, "La Cucaracha" (the cockroach) and was used to keep the soldiers in high spirits during the Mexican Revolution. Just like weed. 

The second origin story comes from the 1930s in Harlem, New York City where the roach clip was referenced in a New Yorker article about jazz clubs in that area of town. The reporter visited a marijuana-smoking party and came away with this new slang term. Either way, both stories explore the idea of the roach, what they are and how to smoke them safely through helpful devices. 

Types of Roach Clips 


Bobby Pins

If you're a smoker on a budget, look no further than the bobby pin. It's a perfect makeshift roach holder and provides great support with one flat interior side and one bumpy side to allow for a smooth and comfortable experience with joint smoking. 

The "Hippie" Roach Clip 

As roach clips have broken into the mainstream, they have become more ornate and flashier. The "hippie" roach holder will usually be adorned in beautiful crystals, stones and feathers. They may even have flashy jewels and glitter to accompany it, because who said you can't have fun with the creation of a roach clip? 

Alligators with Feathers

You may remember alligator clips taking over around the 1980s and 1990s, as these were initially mass produced to assemble electronics or alter electrical circuits. However, people started to get creative and use them to style their hair, and eventually it went further into the music scene and finally found its way within the cannabis community. 

How Do I Make a Roach Clip?


To make your own roach clip, you'll need the following materials:

  1. Thin Gauge Wire
  2. Alligator Clip 
  3. Beads (You can use whatever you would like, as long as they are small enough to fit on the wire.) 
  4. Jewelry Glue 
  5. Needle Nose Pliers and Wire Cutters 

To start, cut your metal wire to the desired length of your roach clip and glue the wire to the bottom side of the alligator clip and let dry. Next, secure the alligator clip by using your needle pliers to keep the metal wire in place. Then, bedazzle your wire! Place a tiny amount of glue in the bottom hole of your last bead, then slip onto the wire while also placing glue in the top hole. Clip the roach to something so it can stand up-right and dry- you're finished! 

If you're not the creative type, you can find roach clips all over the internet. Consider shopping small independent artists on sites like Etsy or stop into your local dispensary or head shop.

Do you use roach clips in your sessions? Does it actually make a difference? Tell us what your favorite smoking piece is below. 

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