Got the Munchies? Top 7 Greatest Munchies Foods

Got the Munchies? Top 7 Greatest Munchies Foods

Published on 2/7/22

Smoking weed can bring about many different reactions. Sometimes you'll find yourself laughing for hours, sinking into the couch as you binge the next best Netflix show, or you'll find yourself unable to stop with the snacks. The marijuana munchies are a real thing, but have you ever stopped and thought, "Why does weed make you hungry?" It's one of the most common side effects of cannabis, and we'll break down why it happens and give you a few of our best munchies foods for your next smoking session.  

What Are Munchies? 

Before we get into why you get the munchies, let's define what it is first. The munchies are an enhanced appetite that comes from consuming your favorite strain, edible or any other form of weed. To set the scene, you've got the munchies, meaning that you're going to order an obscene amount of taco bell. Below we'll tell you why you have the urge to do that.

Why Do You Get the Munchies? 


THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, does wonders on the body. You'll find that it induces euphoria, alters perception and the senses, and even fights the likes of anxiety and depression. Another thing THC affects is appetite, and it does this all through a crucial yet little-known system in the body called the endocannabinoid system. This system doesn't get nearly enough praise, as it regulates the brain, immune system, sex, metabolism and mood.

In short, THC stimulates a feeding hormone that increases senses of smell and taste - causing you to wreak havoc on your snack pantry. This hormone, ghrelin, is secreted by the stomach, stimulating appetite. 

As with everything in the cannabis world, research is limited, but the findings thus far are tried and true. In a study conducted on rats, the researchers found that THC interacted with receptors that bind to olfactory bulbs in the brain, which in turn enhanced sensitivity to taste and smell. 

Many also hypothesize that you eat more because you smell and taste it more "acutely" and that because THC releases dopamine, one then simply finds a greater pleasure in eating. 

Munchies For Good


Sure, the munchies are a harmless outcome of getting baked. But did you know that this side effect is being harnessed to treat some major health problems? There is now synthetic THC that is FDA approved for the treatment of HIV-induced anorexia. It is also given to combat appetite problems for those undergoing chemotherapy. 

Remember Brownie Mary? She was a cannabis pioneer in San Francisco who baked brownies for AIDS patients who couldn't eat. She was ahead of her time and was persecuted for it back in those days, even though it is a proven treatment today. So, the next time you're wondering, "Do edibles give you munchies?" think of Brownie Mary and remember that the answer is yes! 

Our Favorite Weed Munchies Snacks 



This may not be the most unique snack food on the market, but it understands the assignment every single time. It's cheesy, crunchy and absolutely addicting - so don't be surprised if you eat the entire bag in one sitting. Also, we all know it is among the best munchies chips out there. What's better? You can find these anywhere, whether at your local gas station or Target. We love accessibility. 

Pizza Rolls 

So, you want to order a pizza but don't want to wait over 30 minutes for it to get delivered? This is where pizza rolls come in. We recommend using the oven if you have a little patience for the best results. Beware, you better let these cool off or you won't be able to taste anything else for the rest of the night due to your burnt mouth. Find these in all grocery stores. 

Baked Sweet Potato Fries 


Do you find that you're a cannabis chef, always cooking up something good in the kitchen? Here's one idea for healthy munchies that can still satisfy your fry craving when high. Simply slice up as many sweet potatoes as you would like, add salt and bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. Add your spices afterward, whether that be cayenne, black pepper or cajun, once they come out of the oven.

Cosmic Brownies

This one isn't just about nostalgia for our childhoods, these are actually delicious brownies. Chewy, packed with fudge and covered in candy-coated chocolate pieces - what is there not to love in a sweet snack? You may want to hide the box from you and your friends, or these little brownies will be gone in minutes. You can grab these from most grocery and convenience stores. 



Here's another delicious option for the health-conscious stoner. If you find yourself wanting to reach for the candy, this is an easy swap - with all the natural sugars included. You'll find fiber, antioxidants, and even terpenes, which we know are also found in cannabis. If you want to see if mangoes do elevate the high, here is your time to try this theory.


This is one of the more popular DIY stoner snacks, but for good reason. Who doesn't love piling on every topping you can think of, getting all those delicious flavors in one bite? Simply grab a sheet tray, empty out your favorite bag of chips and top it with all the good things like cheddar cheese, jalapenos, beans, taco seasoning and any cooked meat. Throw it in the oven for 20 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Once out, top it with guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Voila. 


Open Food

Considered a "kid" food these days, these aren't exactly socially acceptable to eat unless you're absolutely baked. Lunchables are simply delicious, and we love the pizza variety where you get to create three mini pizzas any way you like. The only problem is that they aren't filling, so you want to grab a few if this is your favorite stoner snack. Find these at all grocery stores. 

What is the craziest food combination you've eaten while stoned? What are your top munchies foods? Tell us below. 

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