Best TV Shows and Movies to Stream While High

Best TV Shows and Movies to Stream While High

Published on 5/15/20

Updated May 19, 2022

With the world on lockdown for the past few years, there's been a lot of time to binge-watch their favorite shows and catch up on the stuff they missed. Some would argue that there's never been a better time for couch potatoes everywhere. After a while, being stuck at home is starting to feel like the new normal. Fortunately, if you're a fan of sitting back, getting high, and binge-watching TV, there's never been a better time to partake in one of the most enjoyable at-home pastimes. 

So in the spirit of keeping our minds at ease and our butts in seats when necessary, we wanted to create a go-to list of some of the most weed-friendly shows, movies, and productions on streaming outlets today. We here at Where's Weed has created a list of shows and movies you need to bump up on your watch-while-high list, along with what products and strains are best to pair with each one. Whether you like clean highs to help you learn something new or relaxing body highs to help you forget about troubles in the world thanks to a great strain of weed, streaming some of these shows and movies is just what you need! No matter what genres you like or what you're into, there's something for everyone to enjoy on this list below. Happy streaming!

Netflix Show to Watch While High

Some of the best shows to watch right now are on Netflix. Even if you think you've seen them all, there's always something new to discover or rewatch! Combine each show with some high-quality ganja and a binge-watch session until 2 a.m. in the morning and you'll learn a whole different meaning for "Netflix and Chill."

Our Planet(Nature Docuseries)

Over the course of eight mind-opening episodes, narrated by cult-favorite David Attenborough, this show takes you on a stunningly captured journey around our planet. With a focus on how climate change impacts all living creatures, this docu-series will make you think long and hard about the future. There are very few experiences that capture your attention more than some animals frolicking about on your TV screen while you're toasted out of your mind on some top-notch weed. Just like nature intended! 

Best Cannabis Pairing: Hit a vape pen with a sativa strain (i.e. Super Silver Haze) to keep you focused.

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation (Blunt Standup / Comedy)

Dave Chappelle returns to the stage to perform another comedy routine that doesn't pull punches and talks about everything from class and racism to fake news and the world's problems. Arguably one of his most witty and best overall specials, watching Dave do comedy really is like watching a genius at work.  If you're not a fan of Dave Chappelle, then check out the other great stand-up specials on Netflix.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Dab with a citrus sativa strain (i.e. Super Lemon Haze) to bring on the belly laughs.

Inception(Drama / Science-Fiction)

This 2010 classic mind-bender film follows a thief (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his crew who work to dismantle a corporate empire by pulling off a heist deep within the dreams of the new CEO. This classic, original movie has been a favorite for many because it truly makes you think about the potential of the human mind. The visuals are engaging and will leave you twisted while you're toasted! 

Best Cannabis Pairing: Smoke a joint with a hybrid strain (i.e. Girl Scout Cookies) to let your mind get lost in the storyline.

Ozark (Intense Drama)

Jason Bateman leads in this crime thriller as a financial advisor forced to leave Chicago for the Missouri Ozarks, where he (and his family) launder money with the grime of backwoods America. Fair to say that it's a far cry from the usual roles that viewers are used to seeing Bateman play! There are four seasons in total so far with the final chapter of the show coming soon. So start from the top (if you haven't already) and get ready for one heck of a ride.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Eat a gummy edible to keep you calm with the insane amount of drama on screen.

Hulu Shows to Watch While High

On top of their amazing collection of stoner movies (Up in Smoke, Half Baked, Dazed and Confused, American Ultra, and many more), Hulu offers some of the best shows to watch while high.


If you haven't seen Dave, then you're seriously missing out. Created by rapper Lil Dicky (Dave Burd), this incredibly well-produced, comedic show loosely follows Dave's real life as a 20-something aspiring rapper. The show originally aired on FX Networks and follows an Entourage or Ballers style of filming with plenty of celebrity cameos and jokes to keep you coming back for more.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Either edibles or a dab of a sativa concentrate (i.e. Durban Poison) to let you fully enjoy the moment.

Community(Relaxed Comedy)

This sitcom TV series created by Dan Harmon originally aired on NBC and features an eclectic group of mismatched friends who handle oddball situations and bizarre characters while attending a community college in Colorado. With 6 full seasons and a star-studded cast (like Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, and Joel McHale), this show has become a true cult classic.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Grab your favorite sativa strain (i.e. Laughing Buddha) and get ready to laugh.

Rick and Morty (Adult Animation / Comedy)

This show is insanely popular for its humor and complementary illustrations. The premise? An eccentric genius and his young, unintelligent, grandson embark on a series of journeys via a portal gun to a wide range of outlandish dimensions and alien worlds. Based on its cult fanbase, this might actually be one of the more well-recognized and popular entries on this list despite its place in stoner culture.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Smoke a joint with an indica strain (i.e. Blue Cheese) to chill out and sink into your couch.

Free Solo(Intense Documentary)

This edge-of-your-seat thriller follows professional climber, Alex Honnold, as he prepares to free solo climb El Capitan in Yosemite, WY. At 900 meters of vertical rock, it's one of the most impressive walls in the world, which makes for one heck of a true story that will keep you on the edge of your couch the entire time. If you're afraid of heights and very high already, this one might be a nerve-wracking good time for you! 

Best Cannabis Pairing: Try a joint with an indica strain (i.e. Granddaddy Purp) to help keep your nerves together.

Fight Club(Mind-Bending Drama)

In this adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's classic novel, an average corporate nobody befriends an impetuous soap maker who invites him into the underground world of a fight club. It's just the beginning of an unforgettable experience throughout the film, which is probably why it has remained a cult classic for many to this day.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Hit the bong with a nice sativa strain (i.e. Sour Joker) to get ready for the big fight.

Amazon Prime Shows to Watch While High

There are so many shows to binge-watch on Amazon Prime, many of which also happen to be the best shows to watch while high. If you don't have Amazon Prime, now is the time to upgrade. Two-day shipping is cool, but the free shows or movies are the real icing on the cake.

Fleabag(Witty Drama / Comedy)

Few shows are as brutally honest and funny as Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag, which follows a young woman trying to navigate life in London and her own awkward family drama. Based on Waller-Bridge's first one-woman show performed in 2013, this British comedy-drama is an amazing escape from reality.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Pack a bowl with an indica strain (i.e. Blue Diesel) so you can sit back and relax.

Upload(Thought-Provoking Comedy)

This recently streamed series on Amazon Prime, upload is a mix of science fiction, romance, comedy, and more. The wild storyline? After his untimely death, a young man is "uploaded" into his girlfriend's family's afterlife, where he then has to deal with the oddly comic complication of life and death.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Sip on a THC sparkling seltzer (i.e. Oh Hi Pomegranate) to keep things light.

Sorry to Bother You (Satiric Science-Fiction / Thriller)

This absurdist, genre-defying satire takes a look at major cultural issues through the lens of a telemarketer who learns an unusual way to make money and achieve success. After initially being released in the UK, this funny, yet dark original series will keep you hooked the entire time.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Smoke hit a vape pen with a sativa strain (i.e. White Widow) and get ready for a wild ride.

John Wick(Fast-Paced Action-Adventure)

In one of the most iconic action films of the 2010s, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) leads the murderous rampage as an ex-hitman going after a crime lord's son who killed his dog. This movie is very exciting, but it's also fairly graphic with a lot of violence (in case you're not into that).

Best Cannabis Pairing: Enjoy some gummy edibles (i.e. Wana Blueberry Indica) and watch Keanu take names.

Primetime TV to Watch While High

Not all the best shows to watch while high are on streaming services. Consider checking out these primetime TV shows while they're still fresh and new (or, you know, wait until they hit a streaming service).

American Ninja Warrior (Addictive Sports / Reality)

This classic show on NBC revolves around strength, endurance, and speed as athletes compete for a chance to win the elusive title of American Ninja Warrior. Every episode features increasingly intense obstacle courses, which adds to the excitement and desire to sign up for the show yourself.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Hit a vape pen with a hybrid strain (i.e. Blue Dream)

Killing Eve(Spy-Action Drama / Comedy)

Originally a British comedy (found on either BBC America or AMC), this highly-rated series features two women who play an epic, deadly game of cat and mouse. It's an unprecedented spy-action thriller written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, that is sure to catch your attention.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Roll a joint with a hybrid strain (i.e. Gorilla Glue) and grab your favorite snack.

Westworld (Trippy Science-Fiction / Fantasy)

Westworld is an HBO classic that features a sci-fi storyline between the future and a reinvented past. Humans are able to indulge in their wildest fantasies without any consequence, so needless to say, things get a little out of control (yet, remain very entertaining).

Best Cannabis Pairing: Munch on a few cookie edibles with a sativa strain (i.e. Sour Tsunami) to help you keep up.

Now that you've hopefully added a few new movies and shows to your watch-while-high list, find which recommended pairings are available near you. As you can see from our carefully assembled and curated list, there's no shortage of fantastic options out there for you no matter what you're into! Check out Where's Weed to find the right dispensary closest to you, the perfect cannabis product or strain to enjoy during a night in, or pretty much any other cannabis-infused product you can imagine!

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