How to Roll Fun Joint Shapes

How to Roll Fun Joint Shapes

Published on 1/18/23

The cannabis community is full of creativity, and we express ourselves differently. Why not do it with joint art?

Joints can be rolled into practically any shape if you're creative enough. Plus, rolling joints in the form of crosses and hearts will break the ice at any smoke session or gathering.

Want to learn how to roll a cross joint and other works of art? Here's a step-by-step guide to rolling three fun joint shapes. It's as easy as getting high.

The Cross Joint

A cross joint is a joint in the shape of a crucifix. Consisting of two joints fitted together, it became popular thanks to the movie Pineapple Express.

Rolling a cross joint may seem intimidating initially, but it won't be as long as you have the necessary supplies and the following instructions.

Supplies for the Cross Joint

How to Roll a Cross Joint Step by Step

  1. Roll two separate joints. For the cross joint to be pristine, one joint should be larger than the other. When the cross joint is finished and lit, you'll be lighting up both ends of the smaller joint, so keep that in mind (for size reference) while rolling.
    1. It's assumed if you're getting creative with this type of art, you've already surpassed rolling regular joints. If that's not the case, good luck! Learn how to roll the perfect joint for help.
  2. Decide where you want the smaller joint to cross over on the larger joint. This is typically two-thirds of the way on one end of the larger joint, just like how a crucifix looks.
  3. Take the needle-like end of the paperclip and gently poke a hole all the way through to the other side of the larger joint. Once the hole is made, slowly make that hole big enough (by moving the paperclip up and down) to fit the smaller joint through it.
  4. When the hole is large enough to fit the smaller joint, gently stick it through. This will complete the cross shape.
  5. Take the third rolling paper and wrap it around any open gaps where the two joints are connected. Be sure to seal it and make it airtight, so it's smokable.
  6. Light the smaller ends first and then the larger end. Enjoy!

The Heart-Shaped Joint

Love birds, this one's for you. What better way to show your love for weed and art than to make a joint in the shape of a heart?

Rolling the heart-shaped joint may take a bit of practice, but here's how to make it a breeze.

Supplies for the Heart-Shaped Joint

  • Ground herb
  • 4 rolling papers
  • 10 glue strips from additional rolling papers
  • Scissors

How to Roll a Heart-Shaped Joint Step by Step

  1. Roll four equal-sized joints. Consistency is key to making the heart shape, so make sure they're all the same size.
    1. Leave the ends open on all four joints.
    2. Two of the joints should be rolled tightly, and the other two should be rolled a bit looser to help with shaping.
  2. Cut the glue strip piece from other rolling papers. These slices will be your glue strips to stick things together.
  3. To create the bottom of the heart, take one or two glue strips and connect the two tightly rolled joints just behind the ends, creating a 45-degree angle.
  4. To create the top curves of the heart, take the two loosely rolled joints and curve and tuck them into the separate ends of the tightly rolled joints. Making them slightly smaller at one end than the others will help. Secure them to the bottom two with more glue strips.
  5. Once the two halves meet, connect them just behind the tips with more glue strips.
  6. Adjust as needed. Light up at the top of the heart and enjoy!

The Braided Joint

Not everyone's a fan of complicated art projects, and that may be what you consider rolling a cross joint or heart-shaped joint. However, one thing those two joints have in common is that multiple blunts were used for each.

For something easier, the braided joint is just one step up from a regular joint.

Supplies for the Braided Joint

  • Ground herb
  • 6 rolling papers (preferably king size)
  • 10 glue strips from additional rolling papers
  • Scissors

How to Roll a Braided Joint Step by Step

  1. Roll three thin, equal-sized joints.
  2. Gently roll each joint between your fingers, making the joints more flexible for braiding.
  3. Cut the glue strip piece from other rolling papers. These slices will be your glue strips to stick things together.
  4. Stack the three joints into a triangle shape and wrap them together with a glue strip.
  5. Braid the stack, right over bottom.
    1. How to Braid: Take the one on the right bottom side and fold it over top of the one in the middle. Then grab the opposite one from the left side and fold it over the one closest to it.
  6. When the end of the stack is reached, attach all ends using a glue strip, so the braid doesn't come undone.
  7. Use a lighter or torch to ensure all three ends are lit simultaneously to achieve an even burn.
  8. Enjoy!
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