Top 8 Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Top 8 Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Published on 8/7/21

When it comes to smoking accessories, there is one that is paramount to the success of your smoking session and that is the grinder. The pot grinder will deliver the perfect bud for any joint, spliff, blunt or any other accessory that uses flower. For those who are flower fanatics, having a good grinder around will change the game. However, what do you do if you dont have one? Below well give tips and tricks for the makeshift grinder and how to grind weed without a grinder, so you dont have to worry when in a pinch. 

What is a Grinder? 


A grinder is a major facilitator for cutting up your weed, so it is ready for consumption. The most popular type is the four-piece grinder, which has three compartments. The first is the grinding chamber, the second is the collection chamber and the third contains a small, special sifting screen that catches all of the delicious kief to use later. They come in all sorts of materials, but the best will always have teeth or pegs that work best for grinding weed and come in titanium or aluminum materials. 

If youve needed a refresh on how to use a weed grinder, simply put a small amount of bud in the first chamber and keep twisting until the broken-down bud has made its way to the second chamber. Collect the fine weed and get rolling

Why Grind Weed?

If you want your smoking session to go as planned, do not skip out on such an important step. When you grind your weed, the shredding of the material will allow for an even and complete burning of the cannabis, which will release everything that you want from your favorite strain, including cannabinoids and delicious terpenes.  

Homemade Grinder Alternatives

Mortar and Pestle 


A mortar and pestle are traditionally used for herbs and spices, so why not throw in your favorite herb, cannabis, to be broken down into the perfect consistency for your next smoke? Make sure that you are thoroughly cleaning this piece before and after the grinding while letting the nugs dry out for a bit for an easier time. Remember, dont grind too hard, or it will be too fine -- other than that this tool is rather self-explanatory. 

Black Pepper Grinder

So, youre at home and youve misplaced your beloved grinder. Dont fear, most people have these somewhere in the kitchen. Make sure to empty the grinder and clean it out thoroughly, as you dont want to inhale pepper. Make sure to used dried bud, as anything slightly wet will clog up the grinder, and when placing back into the kitchen make sure it is weed-free.

Pizza Cutter

Youve just ordered a pizza to satisfy the munchies, and now youre without a grinder to roll a fat joint. A pizza cutter is not the sharpest of objects, so patience is key here as youll have to go over the weed a few more times than normal. Find a cutting board to place the weed on so you dont damage anything around you and begin chopping the buds individually into smaller pieces. Continue to chop until the cannabis is in fine pieces. 

Coffee Grinder


Just like one can grind their coffee beans, you can grind your cannabis buds in the same way. As always, a thorough clean before and after is imperative here because no one wants to smoke coffee. Make sure the buds arent too tightly packed into the grinder or it wont work properly. Grind until you reach your preferred consistency of cannabis. 

Pill Bottle & Coin 

If you read this and dont understand the method above, you may be on the younger side as this is a classic, old-school method used for decades. Simply empty a pill bottle and throw in the amount of bud you are looking to grind up (we always recommend starting low and adding in more). Grab a coin, clean it and throw it in with the weed. Shake well until the weed is broken up to the way you like. 

Shot Glass & Scissors

This is one of the more creative and far-out methods, but sometimes you just have to do what needs to be done. Its a simple way to break up your bud, though, as you just place some bud in the shot glass and start snipping away. The shot glass keeps your motion short and sweet and makes the bud chop up nice and fine. 

The Hands-On Method

One of the most obvious ways to grind weed without a grinder is to just use your hands. If youre stoned and are wondering how to grind weed by hand, you simply grab some weed and start breaking it up. This is a rather long and laborious process, but its going to achieve the same effect if youre patient enough. If the weed is a bit too sticky to break up by hand, leave it out to dry for a bit and thank us later. 

Cheese Grater

Sometimes youve got to use questionable methods. If you have one of these lying around, wash it thoroughly and get going. Use the parts of the grater with smaller openings for a finer consistency and place a plate underneath to catch the weed. Dont forget to poke out the weed in all of the crevices and watch your fingers.

Do you always have a grinder handy? Have you tried to grind weed without one? Let us know your best stories below!

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