Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Published on 12/22/21

Some of the best smoking sessions with friends consist of too much money spent on Taco Bell, a groovy record playing in the background and deep belly laughter that seems to go on for hours. Somehow, when lighting up with your favorite pre-roll or eating too much of that certain edible, you find that every little thing is just that much funnier. Below, we'll take a look at everything we know about laughter and which strains are the best for inducing those giggling fits. 

Why Do We Laugh?


There is more to laughter than meets the eye. Sure, laughing is a response to a funny Tik Tok, a joke from a friend or your favorite comedy special and is defined as a physiological response to humor. However, laughter means something much greater for us humans. Philosopher John Morreall once said that laughter is a gesture of shared relief from the passing of danger, a sign of relaxation and may even indicate trust in one's companions. It is a social signal that virtually everyone can understand, yet the connection between laughter and how it works in the brain is still not fully understood. Even though it isn't fully understood, what can be understood are the benefits laughing contains. Laughing can release endorphins, relieve stress and decrease our heart rate and blood pressure, leading to a calming state of self. 

Why Does Weed Make You Laugh?  

Like most things with cannabis research, there are still miles to go to learn about this substance. However, when it comes to the question of "Why does weed make me laugh?", there are actual things happening in the brain to cause this. What we do know is that weed increases blood flow to parts of the brain that are associated with laughter. THC, the compound of cannabis that makes the user "high", works its magic through a crucial bodily system, called the endocannabinoid system. Here THC binds to specific receptors within the brain, namely the CB1 receptor, to release happy chemicals such as dopamine and other endorphins. This ultimately leads to the giggling. 

How Cannabis Improves Your Mood 


Cannabis releases "bliss" chemicals through the binding of certain receptors within the brain, which results in an overall elevation of your entire mood. Due to an elevated mood, you'll find that you're going to laugh more, and your threshold for what is funny may even be lowered. If you have wondered, "Why do I laugh at everything when I smoke?" The reason above may be why. Numerous studies, especially in the last few years, have found that cannabis can positively treat anxiety and depression, which may point to a future of more holistic and alternative medical practices.  

How Is Laughing Contagious? 

Here's another thing that is still emerging in science but is definitely not something that you're making up in your head. What we do know about laughter being contagious is that the brain actually responds to the sound of laughter, prepping the muscles in the face to join in on the cheery sounds. Furthermore, when we talk to someone, we mirror their behavior and positive emotions are in fact contagious due to the triggering of the premotor cortical region of the brain. 

Are Things Funnier on Indica or Sativa? 

In the world of cannabis, it is all about indica vs sativa. Which type of strain is better? What about a hybrid strain? This is a question that is as old as time. Sure, there are definitive stereotypes of these types of strains, and one may lend itself to more laughter than the other. If you asked this question years ago, someone would probably tell you that sativa is going to be for laughing, as it produces a more energized, euphoric and uplifted mood. However, there is no real clear answer to that in today's times. 

Some note the expectancy effect when speaking on this topic, which subscribes to the belief that if you anticipate that a specific strain of weed is going to make you react a specific way, there is a high chance that it will. 

Strains To Induce Laughter

Laughing Buddha

This upbeat sativa is always going to live up to its name. Laughing Buddha is fruity, sweet and just a bit spicy, and will leave even the saddest in a fit of laughter. If you've wondered, "Why do some people laugh at everything when they're smoking?" It's because they were probably smoking this strain. 

Church OG

Sure, this is a heavy indica strain, but that doesn't mean you can't laugh with this one. This descendant of OG Kush is sure to hit your body hard as it slowly releases all its cerebral effects, like that nice head buzz. 

Ace of Spades

This sweet and sour strain is one that never goes out of style. With impressive genetics from Jack the Ripper, this indica won't just sink you into the couch. Expect giggles all-around when you throw on your favorite Seth Rogen movie. 

Green Crack

Don't say we didn't warn you about this extremely potent sativa. As a cross between Skunk #1 and an unknown indica, this strain will deliver the ultimate energizing effects. Expect a sharp, never-ending energizing feeling that will keep the wheels turning all day long. 

Blue Diesel

Here is a hybrid doing what it does best, giving you the best of both worlds. This berry flavored strain will deliver a fast, expansive and uplifted head buzz that will last all day. You won't tweak out on this strain, as you'll eventually get hit with an overall sense of calm and relaxation in the afterglow of the day.

Chemdawg (aka ChemDawg)

Here's another powerhouse hybrid strain that novices should avoid. It's distinct, pungent and smells like diesel, all while delivering an intense cerebral experience. Keep things light and throw on your favorite comedy podcast for the laughter to ensue. 

Do you find that you laugh often when you smoke? Do certain types of strain cause this more than others for you? Tell us below. 

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