Top 5 Cannabis Strains for a Morning Run

Top 5 Cannabis Strains for a Morning Run

Published on 4/25/21

Don't we all secretly wish that we could be that type of person that can get right out of bed and go for a morning run? That type of person is one most of us have always strived to be, as we could head off to a long day of work with a great runner's high to accompany it. If you just can't get yourself to do this, why not try to mix things up a bit and add a bit of marijuana to the mix? Believe it or not, there are cannabis strains on the market that are great for energy, so take a few hits next time and see how you fare on that morning run. 

Cannabis and Exercise


Like much of the research that accompanies marijuana, there is still so much we do not know and understand quite yet due to the federal restrictions surrounding the substance. Research is picking up at a rapid pace with the explosion of cannabis, but we still have some years before we can truly unlock the potential that this plant contains. 

Even though the link between weed and exercise is still rather hazy, studies are being conducted that have pointed to some positive findings. A very recent study coming out of the University of Colorado Boulder found that cannabis users have a lower prevalence of obesity, which looked at 600 participants and found that 4 out of 5 use marijuana before exercise. The study found that 70% found exercise more enjoyable. 

The theories on why exercise may be more enjoyable while a bit stoned may be attributed to either being able to push through the pain more easily or finding more pleasure in the repetitive exercises, such as running on the treadmill. There is also a theory that exercise-induced euphoria originates within the endocannabinoid system, which is where your body reacts to cannabinoids that you consume from cannabis. The idea is that when you add weed to the mix, you may be jump-starting this system. 

Incorporating Weed into Your Workout 


Grab A Sativa

Not all pot strains are created equal, especially when it comes to consuming while exercising. The best type of weed is going to be an uplifting, energizing and focused sativa strain, so make sure you ditch the indica strain that is just going to mellow you and your motivation to work out. A nice head buzz from your favorite sativa will have you running further and doing laps around your competition, even if that person is yourself.

Or Get a High CBD Strain

When it comes to marijuana, it isn't simply all about indica vs. sativa any longer. There is so much more nuance these days as cannabis growing technology plows forward. Looking into a strain that has a dominating CBD content could be your best bet. Not only will CBD help remove some stress and anxiety, but the anti-inflammatory properties may be the best way to recover from your workout

Go Slow and Start Low

This above mantra is something that we hold near and dear at Where's Weed, but it is an ever-important message when consuming the substance. Microdosing is huge in today's society when it comes to marijuana, LSD and even psilocybin. Microdosing means something entirely different for everyone, so start low with around 2-5 mg of THC and go from there, observing the way you feel. Microdosing is a great way to slowly incorporate cannabis into exercise. 

Choose the Right Workout (At First)

You don't want to choose something that is going to involve decision-making within a split second, at least as you are first starting to incorporate cannabis. Workouts like this would include rock climbing, skiing and a lot of HIIT classes. Sign up for a yoga class or pilates to test the waters first.

Best Weed Strains for That Early Morning Run 

Durban Poison

Otherwise known as the espresso of cannabis strains, this is the quintessential weed for energy. It's a pure sativa landrace strain that comes in with a THC profile of 26% and no CBD content. Durban Poison delivers a sweet, piney taste that is sure to have a clear-headed high with a euphoric buzz to accompany it. You'll find yourself at ease in social settings, such as the next group workout class. 


Here we switch gears away from high THC strains and switch to a high-CBD sativa strain. This one is extremely sought after and features flavors that can range anywhere from sweet mango to an earthy musk. With a strain like Harlequin you'll find yourself clear and focused, without any lingering psychoactive effects. The 5:2 CBD: THC ratio is perfect to consume before that morning jog.

Maui Wowie 

Maui Wowie is a good sativa strain that is perfect for getting you in that happy, energetic mood to take off into a run throughout the park. It's 20% THC content and provides memorable pineapple and citrus flavors, perfect for a productive and creative afternoon. This has always been a go-to choice in the sativa family, so it won't let you down during your workout. 

Super Lemon Haze

This is often considered one of the best sativa strains for energy, coming in with a THC content of 25%. A winner of two Cannabis Cup awards, this is a tart, sweet and zesty strain that will deliver energy and all-around liveliness. It's a great strain for the outdoors, as the head and body buzz will launch you into anything you think your body is capable of. 

Jack Herer 

This potent, 17% THC sativa strain is perfect for that heady, creative high. With hints of pine, spices and earthy flavors you'll want to grab this one to get focused, motivated and above all, happy on the running trail. 

Have you mixed weed into your workouts? Were the effects positive or negative? Let us know what strain we should add to the list that is great for working out below. 

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