New Ways to Get You Higher: Cavi Cones

New Ways to Get You Higher: Cavi Cones

Published on 4/15/21

The cannabis industry is constantly forging a new path each day, with new technologies and unique consumer products hitting the shelves daily. Amidst the new concepts, one thing that remains paramount to cannabis consumers is the idea of achieving that perfect high. One product that kept that idea in mind is the caviar cone or cavi cone. Consider this to be the Cadillac of pre-rolls for the cannabis connoisseur who is in search of the ultimate high. 

Innovations in Cannabis


This industry growth has been exponential, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Between the stigma clearing that surrounded the industry and the wellness benefits that marijuana contains, people are starting to pay attention like never before. What does this all mean? The industry has to keep up. 

High THC

One of the most popular innovations surrounding the cannabis industry has been the continued demand for very high THC strains. Now, people are constantly looking for potency of 30% THC, whereas not even 10 years ago THC maxed out at around 20%. Today, most strains are in fact around 20% THC. This demand for high THC products has been occurring because people see potency as a quality or value indicator. Just like people want higher alcohol content in their beers, they want a higher potency in their weed, too.  

Edibles Technology

The way we consume marijuana has changed drastically in recent times. It's not just about rolling a joining and lighting up, anymore. There are so many new ways to consume and that includes the likes of edibles, topicals, beverages, capsules and concentrates, just to name a few. 

There is a huge focus on edibles innovation and technologies, as it's a new cornerstone of the market. Nanotechnology has become paramount because it focuses on the absorption of non-water-soluble ingredients in medications. This is important because the technology looks at how nanoparticles absorb directly into the bloodstream to achieve faster effects, which is key for edibles. People, now more than ever, want to use an edible or concentrate and have faith in exactly what kind of effect they will receive and to feel those effects in a precise, timely manner. 

This technology also looks at bioavailability, which is also principal for consistency, as it is the measure of how much of a chemical compound is effectively delivered into the bloodstream. No more waiting around for that edible to hit. Concentrate innovations are also taking a close look at effects-based products, to achieve specific results with the ECS through the application of different/emerging cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG and CBC. 

What is a Cavi Cone? 

Caviar Gold

The Cavi cone, or the caviar cone, is the perfect trifecta of bud, concentrate and kief. This pre-roll of sorts was created by the LA-based cannabis company, Caviar Gold. Not only does it contain this trifecta, but Caviar Gold also adds taste by infusing hash oil with natural flavors of vanilla, raspberry and apple. These cavi cones should have roughly 48-52% THC, so if you are a novice to the marijuana game, this is not the product for you. 

You may often be duped by dispensaries who aren't selling the real thing. Cavi cones are not simply cone-shaped joints, are not filled with just bud and should never contain stems or trim. Inside the contents should never just be green because this is a sign of a fake cavi cone. You want the color to have a gold hue, due to the presence of the concentrate and kief.

 A cavi cone price should be upwards of 20 dollars, which is a great deal when you recall the THC content. Bottom line, it's always a good idea to peek inside and see what the contents are when you purchase your first cavi cone or double-check with your favorite budtender. 

What's Inside a Cavi Cone?

The first ingredient in a cavi cone is going to be the bud. It's not going to be some low-quality or ugly bud, either. You're going to want some of the best quality you can find, and the type of strain is purely dependent on what effect you're looking for. The cannabis should be ground up nicely, and not include any stems, trim or anything else unwanted. 

The next ingredient is going to be cannabis concentrates. The type of concentrate doesn't matter too much, but people generally use hash oil, which is a very potent form of cannabis. You can use liquid THC, an extract or a tincture, as well. 

The last ingredient to a cavi cone is the kief. What is kief, you ask? Kief is the powdery substance that is left over after you grind up your weed, located in that tiny little chamber in your four-piece grinder. Kief is typically filled with trichomes, which are found in the resin glands of the cannabis and contain all of those cannabinoids, whether it be THC, CBN or CBG

How to Make Your Own Cavi Cone


Everyone loves a good DIY project, especially with all the time on our hands these days. You'll need these things to create your own cavi cone: dried cannabis buds, your favorite cannabis concentrate, kief, flavoring (optional!) and a conical rolling paper.

  1. Begin the process by grinding up your bud, just as you would when rolling your own joint. You don't want the bud to become too much of a powder, yet the pieces should be pretty small.
  2. Next, lay the cone out and drizzle the concentrate over the paper. You don't need too much here.
  3. Now you have the option to add a flavoring. If you choose to add flavoring, make sure it's safe to smoke, or you can simply opt for a tasty strain instead to achieve this. 
  4. Add your kief to the mix, this can be as much or as little as you desire. 
  5. Roll up, light up and enjoy (responsibly!). 

Have you ever tried a cavi cone? Did you make your own or buy from a dispensary? Was it worth it? Let us know below. 

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