Customize Your Dream Bong with Prism's 3D Bong Builder

Customize Your Dream Bong with Prism's 3D Bong Builder

Published on 5/10/22

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Sometimes, we love our bongs just as they are. But have you ever thought about customizing a piece? Let's face it, no one knows you like you know yourself - and designing a custom bong is the best way to stay true to your design style.

Our friends at Prism are looking to change up the game by giving you so many options you'd want a bong for every occasion (affordably and sustainably, of course). So they made modular bongs to help you switch it up every once in a while. To switch things up, they've created their own custom 3D Bong Builder for you to customize a piece from start to finish fully!

What is a Modular Bong?


Most regular bongs tend to be one large piece of glass, with an additional downstem and bowl that detaches from the pipe. Unfortunately, if your traditional bong hits the ground, there's a likely chance it's dead and broken. Modular bongs contain the same parts as a standard bong but are held together by metal clamps instead of welded together. 

While that might sound like not a big deal on the surface, modular bong parts can quickly come apart whenever the user likes is one of the many things that makes a modular bong so unique. 

Perks of Modular Bongs

One of the best perks of the modular bong is that they're super easy to clean! Long are the days of trying to snake a pipe cleaner through your XL piece. Simply unclamp each piece, and you have a much smaller and easier part to clean.

As we mentioned before, if you drop your traditional bong to the ground, there's a likely chance that it will be unusable. But if you drop a modular bong to the ground, you may be able to salvage a few pieces - which saves you money in the long run. 

How Prism's 3D Bong Builder Works

Prism Water Pipes

Building a Completely Custom Bong

Once you click on the 3D builder, your first option is to choose whether you want a Starter setup, a Double setup, or a Triple setup. As the names imply, each configuration has multiple layers for you to choose your favorite options. Next, you can choose from several base shapes, including the Beaker, Honeycomb, or Big Honeycomb. You'll be able to select custom decals for each option and additional percolators and mouthpieces. You can also choose the style of the mouthpiece and decal and which color of glass you would like. The last items to pick are the accessories, such as the color clamp, downstem, and bowl. Once you have your perfect setup, all you have to do is add it to your cart, and Prism starts making your custom piece and ships it out to you within a few days!

Custom Mouthpieces

If you already have a setup and just want a new mouthpiece, you can just skip everything else and simply focus on the mouthpiece! Your options here start with style, tall, standard, or bent, and then you can choose your color of glass and your decal options. Then just like the Complete Bong option, you just add to your cart straight from there! 

Custom Percolators

Like the mouthpieces, sometimes you just want a new addition to your setup, and what goes better with your starter bong than a silky smooth percolator? Here you can decide which perc you wish to add to the mix, which decal makes you most excited, and add it to the cart!

Want to learn more about Prism's 3D Bong Builder? Click here and head to their website to learn more!

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