Strain Heritage Series: The Strains of Mexico

Strain Heritage Series: The Strains of Mexico

Published on 9/21/22

To say that the nation of Mexico has a long, storied, and complicated relationship with cannabis is an understatement. After all, where do you think the term "marijuana" came from in the first place? It is a word with Spanish origins, after all! 

With the dog days of summer fast approaching, many are planning their summer trips to ultra-popular Mexican tourist hubs like Cancun, Acapulco, or Tulum. However, if they've done their research, they'll discover they can enjoy some perfectly legal Mexican weed while relaxing on the beach, visiting cultural landmarks, and soaking up the Southern sun. 

Despite recreational cannabis use being legal in Mexico, it can still be tough to figure out which Mexican weed strains are worth picking up on your next trip to our neighbors in the South. After all, the potential language barrier can be both intimidating and a burden when trying to get the correct information about which weed strains from Mexico are best for your needs. 

Thankfully, we here at Where's Weed have done what we do best. We did that research, digging deep into some of the most popular, potent, and well-developed strains available. This article will not only break down Mexico's complicated and storied history with the cannabis plant but highlight the origins, history, effects, and aromas of a handful of top-notch strains available throughout the country. 

Think of this article as a best-of list for Mexican kush, breaking down exactly which strains to check out on your next journey into our Southern neighbors. 

The History of Mexico and Cannabis

Mexico and the cannabis plant have a long and storied connection with one another. After first being introduced to Mexicans by the Spanish in the 16th century in the form of hemp, cannabis exploded into popularity. Since hemp fiber is versatile and durable, it quickly became a staple crop that fueled the growing textile and rope industry. It wasn't long, however, before people discovered the psychoactive aspect of the cannabis plant, and by 1900, cannabis use was incredibly prevalent throughout Mexico. 

Like in other nations, however, restrictions were soon put in place that prevented and hampered the use of cannabis. A Reefer Madness-style misinformation campaign was launched against cannabis in the late 1890s, spreading the lie that the cannabis plant led to "violence and disorder" via newspapers in Mexico and U.S. border towns. Just like the moral panic that led to the prohibition and misclassification of cannabis here in the U.S., the Mexican government likely spread these lies since cannabis was frequently used as a folk pain remedy - particularly among military personnel and the working class. This disinformation campaign was effective, leading to the widespread banning of production, consumption, use, and exporting of the cannabis plant in Mexico. 

As we all know, however, the use, production, export, and sale of cannabis from Mexico didn't stop, it was just driven underground for the criminal world to take advantage of. Massive criminal cartels stepped in and made billions from the black market drug trade, often exporting to the U.S., where bans were implemented as well. 

In the late 2000s, however, things began to change for the better. As the medical potential of cannabis use continued to develop, the Mexican government began changing its tune regarding legal cannabis use. 

In August 2009, Mexico took a huge progressive step and moved to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis, opting not to jail folks for possessing and enjoying small amounts of cannabis. 

In 2015, the nation's Supreme Court doubled down on the individual's right to enjoy cannabis, ruling that prohibiting or punishing Mexicans for growing cannabis for personal consumption was unconstitutional. And just like that, homegrown cannabis for personal use was perfectly legal in Mexico. In response, Mexican state officials signed a limited medical cannabis bill into law in 2017, allowing patients to use low-THC products to help deal with their conditions. 

In 2018, the Mexican Supreme Court again bolstered the Mexican citizen's right to use cannabis, ruling that the law prohibiting recreational use was unconstitutional and setting a clear legal precedent on the topic of legal cannabis. As a result, Mexican officials proposed and passed a 2021 bill that officially legalized recreational use

As a result, the Mexican weed industry has been kicked into overdrive. So with that in mind, let's dig into some of the best Mexican weed strains you can get anywhere in the country. 

Best Mexican Cannabis Strains

The following list is a comprehensive breakdown of some of the absolute best cannabis strains you can get on the market today in Mexico. Whether they're sativa, indica, or a hybrid, this list features five Mexican weed strain names that you should write down or memorize because when you see them on dispensary menus, you'll want to snap them up ASAP! 

So without too much further ado, let's get right into it! 

1. Acapulco Gold 

We start off our list with perhaps the most famous Mexican sativa strains, not just in North America but the world. OG stoners will likely have seen, used, or at least heard of this legendary strain, known for packing a potent punch at about 24 percent THC and its distinctive golden-orange hairs on the bid itself. With ultra-unique terpene notes of fruity, sweet, and earthy aromas, this energizing Mexican landrace strain is a must-have if you're trying to enjoy the very best of what the Mexican legal market has to offer! 

2. Grapefruit Diesel

For the next entry on our list, we have a potent and flavorful hybrid strain to break down in detail for you. As its name suggests, Grapefruit Diesel smells of flavorful, ripe citrus fruit with a kick of pinene. Its colorful buds, energetic effects, and massive kick of 24 percent THC make it a potent and effective hybrid if you're looking for a talkative, buzzy high that's tasty. We highly recommend this landrace strain! 

3. Trainwreck

Another entry on our list is a top-notch Mexican strain that's legendary among OG stoners. This mind-bending sativa strain's name comes from early U.S. cannabis lore, and its flavorful and potent effects are just as iconic as its namesake. Known for providing a euphoric, creative, and happy sensation to users, this strain is as good as it gets. With sweet lemony notes of flavor and a spicy pine aroma, this potent sativa packs as much as 25 percent THC. 

Easily one of the most accessible and well-known Mexican landrace seeds to get if you're on the West Coast, we couldn't recommend this strain highly enough to do it justice. 

4. AK-47

Next up on our list is an entry that's not exactly for the newbies out there. This skunky sativa-dominant hybrid is well-known in the medical cannabis community for its high THC content (up to 19 percent) and pain-numbing effects. And boy, is it effective. We highly recommend that newbies steer clear of this strain because if you're not prepared, its energizing and highly talkative effects will hit you like a speeding truck. Perfect for easing your discomfort while keeping you alert, focused, and motivated, this strain is ideal for a daytime smoke and deep cleaning of your living room! 

5. Purple Haze

Last but certainly not least, we have a Mexican sativa strain that's perhaps as iconic as the Jimi Hendrix song it's named after, Purple Haze. Not only does this strain deliver a euphoric burst of dreamy goodness that can take the most experienced stoner back to the 70s with its 16 percent THC content, but its sweet and earthy flavors and hints of berry are enough to help separate it from the typical pack. So not only is this strain flavorful, but it's more than enough to get you plenty high and relaxed from whatever you're dealing with. We highly recommend this strain to anyone who can handle a bit of a cannabinoid punch!

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