Strain Families: The Haze Family

Strain Families: The Haze Family

Published on 1/20/23

Generally speaking, you are likely to be smoking one of three major strains when you take a toke. While individual strains range across all manner of size, taste, and punching power, most cannabis consumed today is grown from one of the Kush, Skunk, or Haze families. These big three exist for a reason: they are popular, easy to grow, fun to smoke, and capable of being intertwined to create diverse new strains. What are the haze strains, and how do they compare with other types of cannabis?

Family Affair

A strain family simply refers to any strain of cannabis that can trace its roots back to a common ancestor. Some weed strains are mongrels, interbred so often that you cannot be sure what it originates from. By contrast, some high-end plants have detailed family trees that put European monarchs to shame. A strain family encompasses all pure breeds and hybrids that originate from a single source. Many popular strains, like Sour Diesel, may no longer be associated with their strain family (kush), but they nevertheless have the paperwork to prove they belong.

Hazey Memory

While the history of some cannabis stretches back into the mysterious past, we have a relatively strong understanding of the origin of the haze strain. This sativa strain gets its name not from the murky fog it might leave you in but rather from two brothers with the last name of Haze responsible for introducing it to the world. In the early 1970s, the California-based Haze brothers experimented with cannabis growth and hit upon the hybrid of two landrace strains from Mexico and Columbia. Next, their offspring were combined with an Indian and a Thai variety of cannabis, resulting in the haze weed strain that we know and love. If this family tree sounds complicated, it reflects how much work goes into growing new types of weed, with experimentation on all fronts needed to create a winner.

This California haze strain spread quickly throughout the United States as cannabis fans appreciated its heavy-hitting nature and light taste. As a sativa strain, it responded better to growing outdoors than indoors and had a longer growing cycle, factors that can doom some types of commercial cannabis. Yet haze persevered, while hybrids with other sativa and indica strains led to less-picky, faster-growing variants. The Northern Lights haze put the strain on the map, winning the 1988 High Times Cannabis Cup award. From there, it became a regular listing in dispensaries and seed banks. Here are some of the most popular entries in the haze family.

Dutch Haze

A 90% sativa strain of haze, Dutch Haze does indeed have origins in the Netherlands (like so many other strains of cannabis). It usually tracks in the mid-range for THC, placing around 15% to 20%, with about 1% CBD. It has a strong citrus taste and flowers within about 10 weeks, making it popular for smokers and growers alike. Known for its cerebral high, it is energizing and uplifting, allowing you to enjoy an activity or hobby when it is in your system.

Super Silver Haze

Arguably the most popular haze strain, Super Silver is a 75% sativa hybrid that has won no fewer than three High Times cups. Another cognitive high, this strain has almost no CBD at all, making it less popular among medicinal patients but greatly in demand for recreational dispensaries. This strain originates in Santa Cruz, a result of interbreeding between haze and skunk. It has changed the definition of "head high" and now is a mainstay on dispensary shelves.

Amnesia Haze

Of all the mystery haze strain types, Amnesia is perhaps the most mysterious. It hits as hard as the name suggests, with potency at or above 20% THC. Popular among growers because of its large yields and popular among smokers because of its psychotropic effects, Amnesia haze is another haze/skunk crossover. Famous for boosting your senses, it is a great choice to smoke before a movie session or a dinner party, while its smooth taste makes it a good first-timer strain.

Haze Berry

Want to get high and get stoned? Haze Berry is a surefire bet to liberate your brain from boredom and stress, delivering one of the strongest highs on this list. A cross between Silver Haze and Blueberry, this hybrid comes in at 60%, making it one of the most evenly balanced names on the list. It provides an uplifting, joyful feel, sure to put you in a good mood. And yes, it has a strong berry taste that will leave you smacking your lips to taste it.

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