Marijuana Doctor Reviews in Casmalia, CA

  • Not good! Very dangerous experience I will report this to the city Council

  • Great staff, clean nice and wonderful product .

  • Kira is the best! Efficient, knowledgeable and pretty. What more can you ask for. 😎🐶♥️

  • Quick and easy to understand they have rewards cards I'm about to get a free prerolled I got a gram extra on my first order so far I am satisfied it's hard to find the kind bud I'm use to out here in Lompoc

  • Very good

    reviewed Grandma Greenz
  • No go

  • terrible service ! they need to learn how to properly weigh their product ! D - at best

  • The personal attention was great, they catered custom products for my medical needs. They worked out a long term program for me. This is definitely a new style of service and product. They also carry the usual product line. I am Stage 4 and Winning!

  • I am a first time patiant, but not new to the product. The staff is wonderful, I love the selection and they try to get it to you as soon as they can. Wish I would have done this sooner! Thanks again guys!

  • unproffesional staff not knowledgable on any of their products on some occasions even badmouthing the same products on their own menu most of the staff don't smoke or are novice to cannabis making you're experience from the patients pov a nightmare to deal with to place an order you reach them on Instagram only they have no website or anywhere else but this site to leave a review I see why this place is horrible some drivers pry into you're personal info which they don't respect privacy along with when you sign up the ? Asked are unprofessional and uncalled for a dispensary some questions You should not ask a patient their flower is over dried and old moldy their menu is never updated and the only thing good is their punchextracts the rest of their wax they offer is garbage poop soup they have a punch card that when you fill $200 you get a king size cone filled with low grade over grind dust not even twax or kief if you get to another $200 filling you're card you get $25 eight or used

  • Expensive weed but always Frosty and Fresh. Delivery Driver is very nice, informative, and professional. So far this is my favorite Dispensary that delivers in Lompoc. Also delivery is super fast! One time the driver got to my house in 5 mins he beat me to my house 😂

  • I had not used their service, but was recommended by someone who had been a longtime member. I live pretty far from their central location, but they were able to deliver to me anyway. They have unique products as well as the usual. I talked to 2 different people and they made becoming a member and delivery easy. I was able to get my order the next day. Very professional. Highly satisfied with my order, would recommend.

  • after the lady was very rude to me, the driver was rude to me, and I was shorted on an 1/8 I ordered, I will never call this place back

  • Omg. Their weed is the best in town made my eyes water that's what I'm talking but hit the bong! Lol. Tyvm guys much appreciated I'm one happy customer! I'm sticking wit u guys from now on! Again Tyvm courtney!

  • Best taste,best smell! Recommend this place 100% there driver is on time and is welcoming!!! Best moon rocks ever very professional

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