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According to our sources, this business is permanently closed. Portions of this business have been archived for your convenience.

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  • Rec LicenseC9-0000128-LIC

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Commerce Marijuana Delivery

Commerce Weed Delivery Reviews

  • This place is a joke. I ordered 3 times in the last few weeks because they are close to my new place that I just moved in. One order was right, the second order was over THREE hours late, and they wouldn't even offer so much as a free pre-roll for the inconvenience. The third time, the driver was acting super shady and wouldn't sell me the product. He said "we can only take cash" and acting like I was committing a crime or something even though I had paid card three times before. I asked repeatedly why can't you take cash and he kept avoiding the question like I was buying crack cocaine in a back alley making it an EXTREMELY awkward exchange when he could have just said "our card scanners are down" which apparently was the case after I waited hours again. STAY AWAY!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  • Fast, Free Cannabis Delivery and Weed Delivery, Proudly serving Richmond, San Pablo, Hercules, Rodeo, Pinole, EI Sobrante, Kensington, and Albany https://thecity.delivery

  • Been getting deliveries from here for a year now. Never disappointed. Placing an order is quick and easy and the drivers keep getting nicer every time.

    Love Bud
    Jenn22 reviewed Love Bud
  • Love my drivers keeping us all going when it’s a mess. Thank you Ryan...

  • Service is great

  • i agree with y'all. i recommend angelalynch2012(add on s.n.a.p.c.ha.t) for best deals on top quality meds.. he has it all

  • great service i admit... but if you looking for topshelf, add on s.n.a.p c.h.a.t............angelalynch2012 They've got the best deals so far... thank me later

  • delivery service is good.. for better offers add on s.n.a.p c.h.a.t............pluggednationn to get the best offers

  • Quick and easy

  • Worst shop ever! No form of communication. Have given my rec to the “security” 3 times and every time the security with the dumb ass beard is there I have a problem. The “security” that was today October 11 at 7 pm is always a problem!! Any other person let’s me in since I have given a copy MULTIPLE times!

  • I came across Dubs when another service stopped delivering in my area & I've never looked back--that was over a year ago! I cannot recommend his services enough...I just cannot. He & his family & drivers take the time to be knowledgeable, courteous, & kind EVERY single time. Their delivery is ridiculously fast, like, ridic...I would be lost without these guys. The pain of my treatments & having to go back & forth to UCLA, he gets what that does to a person financially, medically, & spiritually. His products & availability, wow, the selection is overwhelmingly amazing! And he has even helped me discover new products when my pain has been worse on certain days--just letting me *try* them. He is the KINDEST man who is in the "business" (I hate to use that word) of actually helping people, *not* in the business of making money off of people's pain; you can tell it's a calling for him, not a dollar sign industry. Thank you from the bottom of my h

  • Terrible customer service and communication. Horrible delivery schedule, says 2hrs but it’s always longer and they never give updates when you asked. All they ever say is it’s “on the way”.

  • I like I have been there twice already

  • I heard you had no minimum purchase required for delivery but that info was wrong. What a let down.

    Love Bud
  • I've been using Earth Natural Remedy for about 6 months; and for a long time, I loved them. The ordering processing was smoother; the customer service was great. I don't know what changed, but things have gone downhill. Their menu never matches what they have in stock and often times don't realize they are out of something until I've already placed my order. No ownership is taken on these issues either. Another issue is: this company is not wearing masks for following safety protocols. My last 4 drivers have had no mask. Do better, I know the company can, but you've permanently lost my business

  • I cant believe the prices. best by far around town for the quality.

  • OZ prices are pretty great. Best deal by far that i have seen!

  • Delivery was fast. BEST oz prices.

  • I cant believe the prices! 😍😍 Be oz ive ever bought!

  • I was iffy but their bud is fire and the drivers are great 🔥🔥🔥

  • Great quality bud and drivers are fast.🤘🤘

  • Exceellent service

  • Quality products with friendly service.

  • I have great experience fast discreet

  • I have called and had no clue what to order and they have always done right by me! Best in town!

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