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    run as fast as you can away from DAM I called for a delivery a 1;:20
    this afternoon I was very sick and could not drive to my reg. spot was
    very sick throwing up talked to a man and gave him my info he said he
    would call me back after 2 hours of wait time i called back to find out
    what was up he had no idea so gave info again told me it would have to
    wait till 7 30 pm and need to meet driver because they wont deliver to
    my home and he would call at 7 00 and meet up at 7 30 well no call at 7
    00 I drove the 25 miles one way to meeting place after 30 min of
    calling I finally got someone on the phone just to be told by some
    very rude girl that I was a liar and was never told that I would be
    called and said I was 11 deliveries behind and there very busy
    i tried to Inform her that I was very sick and throwing up was told I
    should meet up at 7 30 and was displeased well this girl got a major
    attitude and told me theres no way anyone told me they would call at
    700 then she told me were to busy and she didnt need this and told me
    there wont be no medicine for me and hung up tried to call back but no
    answer by this time it was to late to find medicine that could relive
    my pain so I will have to suffer in till the morning this is not
    compassion I felt like I was dealing with some under ground cartel with
    no compassion for truly sick people so I wasted 8 hrs of my time drove
    50 miles round trip just to be treated like a dog and called a liar and
    cheated out of the medicine that could have relived my problem I have
    dealt with dozens of dispensaries and a lot of street dealers over the
    last 35 years but these guys are the worst

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