Everett Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensary Reviews in Everett, CA

  • Great

  • Great friendly, people, very helpful.

  • For 3 years I've spent thousands of dollars, and I tip your guys $5 every week. You start a new rule stating that I had to have my card with me to get in. The new rule is not even a week old and the door guy wouldn't let me in today. Not just one single time will you let me in after I drive 20 miles to get there every week and spend $150-$250 every single week. But he didn't care. I would have had my authorization with me each and every time afterwards that's for sure, I just had to be told to bring it next time not just get turned away. I've never been asked to present it before except for copying for your records. I've never even been in another store, EVER! I don't care for a response or any excuses. I'll never be back. I'll go give someone else my money. Thanks for 3 years.

  • This place rocks, love it!!! :D

  • This place never fails with a very knowledgable staff with superior products. customer loyalty record is proof that most people return. Highly recomended.

  • i love this dispensary...helpful,friendly and kind....always open to suggestions...justin and david are both great guys...

  • This place was awesome! They referred me to a doctor where I could get my license, and helped me in detail from the counter to purchase to best for what the doctor recommended. They were knowledgable, friendly, and had patience with me in my naive state of things. I've been smoking for 2 years, but wanted to move to a vapor. With the help of the doctor, and Puget Sound Collective, I found the right cocktail to help my pain, and ease my anxiety.

  • Been going here for several months, and, although they can be a bit difficult to find, seeking them out is well worth it. They are very helpful and professional, yet very friendly and helpful. Well worth the trip down...

  • Fun small shop!!!

  • Great place for consistent quality! Great bud tenders and customer service.

  • I have been frequenting this place for just about two months now. They consistently have mid/high quality meds for 8 dollars a gram, and dry meds to compare with any 15 dollar gram at 10! Nothing over 10 dollars, they are good to new patients, and take community seriously, one of my favorite places. For those interested, below is a more thorough explanation of why I like this dispensary so much. When I started going to trees they were selling a house wax at an excellent price (25 a gram without tax, they have since started charging sales tax.) The flow of this wax was quite slow into the store, and quick out, so it was never tested (to my knowledge) but by my taste seemed to hover around 100-200 parts per million. by asking them about when this wax would be available constantly, I eventually spoke to the gentleman at the store who made the wax. He said that he had stopped because he felt that the other oils available were safer and more reliable than his oil. In other words, they ma

  • This was my fav. Disp. Brandon Where are you ? Send me a e-mail. [email protected] .

    chefdan reviewed THCO
  • Great selection and great hours.

  • Friendly and feels safe, very knowledgable and will help find what you need And have been riteon each time!

  • Feels like a drug dealers house being run out of Mommy and Daddy's half-remodeled basement in Bellevue. Crumbly, dry, small buds of some known strains, and some really weird strains that suck. Employees are poorly educated about meds. Might as well have vending machines. Don't ask about clones or strain heritage. If you need a place to go early in the morning this is the easiest place to find. Kind of like a 7-11 or Taco Bell, but not as professional. And the kids aren't really awake yet so the b.s. doesn't smell as strong early in the morning at WCW. Use your ability to say no and choose carefully!

  • good location, great budz, awesome price. will def be back

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