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    Delivery in Frazier Park AND excellent medicine!
    In Frazier Park, there are a lot of disabled or older folks who have trouble getting around. Yet we get used to no one serving our community with delivery for ANYTHING because it is so small. So I was thrilled to find Organic Medicine Delivery, staffed with very friendly and knowledgeable people who are TRULY devoted to growing good medicine over using cheap tricks & bad chemicals, is now serving Frazier Park! I expected I'd have to accept whatever I could get. Instead, I found, after years of living in the East Bay and trying every medicine I could to treat the pain from MS, the constant nausea, the relentness insomnia, etc -- I found what is simply the best medicinal service I have encountered. Even the least pricey strains are beautiful and clearly healthy with huge buds -- I tried a good sampling of the menu, and each flower is different, excellent, and clearly tended 100% organically and with great care. The breeding is SUPERB. It's like you've never met Kush in your life before. Their house strain "MAGIC MEDICINE" is unknown back east, but I can say with confidence it is the best medicine for my problems I've found. It is UNIQUE -- it is almost impossible to describe as either sativa or indica, because its effects on mind and body are both subtle and powerful and balance so well. It doesn't just make the pain better. It takes the pain away. It doesn't just uplift your mind and spirits. It does so with no fuzziness or confusion -- it leaves you feeling very clear, very clean, and very grateful for the gardeners and workers who have given the world this gift. If I seem too enthusiastic, it's because after so long searching, I believe this medicine will truly change my quality of life. THANK YOU Organic Medicine Delivery for serving the mountain area and Frazier Park!