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35 dona tion free delivery Don`t forget patients who refer a friend receive any 15 gram and10 percent Of To veterans and seniors and disabled patients We love meeting new people first time patients receive choice of any 15 dollar gram or any...


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    I’ve ordered from John , working on 2 years now.....
    I’ve never been disappointed
    I made a mistake ordered the wrong medicine .
    John immediately dispatched replacement bud.
    I wound up getting a better quality of weed than I should have for the price...
    “”No problem ,man.....””
    He made sure I was happy after I fuc... it up!
    Not too many peeps do that for ya,
    “”Know what I mean ?””
    Fade u later...

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    The best budds around...There pretty accurate on the time they say for delivery,if there is ever an issue the driver will call u.. u can either call or text.. I like to text cause I'm usually multitasking cause I'm a stay at hm mom doing 50 million other things.. an when looking at menu and ur looking at the pic of the buds helps u make better decision... QUALITY....Love that they are delivery service very convenient..

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    Just moved to Hemet and looking for a delivery place. Found this one online and I can't get ahold of anyone and they don't answer text. Did they close?

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