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35 dona tion free delivery Don`t forget patients who refer a friend receive any 15 gram and10 percent Of To veterans and seniors and disabled patients We love meeting new people first time patients receive choice of any 15 dollar gram or any...


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    Flower is so so but the kicker here is the arsehole of a person the owner is. Telling a repeat customer that he’s doing me a favor for going out of his way and delivering in my area. This is after screwing up my order. Not once, but twice. And in succession. Sent me something totally different from what i has ordered and promised to make it up to me with two extra grams on my next order just so that I keep the order. And guess what? He added one gram to my order today. One Effin gram. He really had to short change me on a gram. SMH

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    Always great customer service, delivery time great. Prices are great!!!

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