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    good people. knowlwdgable & reasonably great meds.!! fair prices...gret meds.......been happy with Tri Comb therapies, high desert!! real deals!!

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    I am surprised to be giving anything but glowing reviews to Nicole and TriComb Therapies after having developed somewhat of a rapport/friendship with her/them. I was a regular customer who was fond of the fact they take credit cards (add 1 star for that).

    Quality was always borderline but acceptable, and presentation is always impeccable as they carry name brand products (Pop Naturals being one of them) which are nicely packaged.

    But, as someone who's studied up on cannabis chemistry and has made extracts using various techniques myself, I know quality when I see it, and when I do not. Most of the products I bought were waxes and oils of a very 'second rate' quality in terms of potency, taste and smell.

    The waxes are usually red in color, indicating that the extract is from '2nd run' or later batches. But one day I decided to try a new one suggested to me by Nicole. This time, the wax was dark blue, almost black in color and smelled like sludge (or clay).

    This is absolutely ROCK BOTTOM quality for extracts and I can only assume other Pop Naturals products are similarly skimped on.

    But what REALLY SHOCKED me was how Nicole responded to my criticism. Up until this point, we had discussed the industry quite a bit (I am a player in the industry too) and I felt not only comfortable in asking for a replacement, but that she would hear me out on the quality problem.

    She didn't. This disappointed me (personally) enough that I did not call TriComb Therapies for about a month. I even explained to the driver that, while 'not personal', that I would probably not be seeing her again.

    I wished her well and explained why I was upset: that Nicole seemed offended at the criticism.

    But either the driver decided to change the story a bit... out of fear of upsetting her boss (a fear I can understand now)... or the driver was also offended that I would say anything negative about any product carried by TriComb Therapies.

    Because the next time I called, I was rudely told I was 'no longer a patient' because I had been rude to the driver. I was never rude to ANYONE at TriComb Therapies (and all 3 drivers who know 'David' know I have never been anything but nice to those girls).

    So quality is horrible, prices are high... and the place is run by an apparent tyrant who doesn't even understand the concept of product quality. Wish I could give negative stars!

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