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OPEN EVERY DAY 8 AM-10 PMHow OUR taxes work:We pay 15% (relieving you from CA excise tax)You ONLY pay 7.75% (normal sales tax)WE ARE 21 RECREATIONAL ONLY.We are the exclusive carriers of COOKIES, FREE CO. and RICH & RUTHLESS in the city of Jurupa...


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    First I must apologize for not getting ur name but u had eyelashes big ones lol. U have been my bud tender before and knew what was what. U have knowledge beyond ur age. I bought the Hasidic grapes again the guudee this is sweet right up till u exhale then it’s on. Very nice u da bomb. Thank u 🙏 again this place is the go to for top top I mean u gotta take an elevator to this top. Again thank u 🙏. Peace and much love. Oh ya the lashes bomb look 👀

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    Everytime I come here I am helped with whatever I need weather its price or quality. They also have the best prices on weed . Iv been to all the ones n my area this is the best

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