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Leonard Moore was an artist, activist, and dear friend of the family who succumbed to AIDS in 1992. During that time, contraband cannabis had to be illegally obtained to help alleviate his pain and discomfort. In homage to him, we named and created...


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    Always helpful folks. Thank you ~
    Friendly, helpful. I'm grateful for the leonard moore co-op.

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    Ingrid is some top self medicine!

    All of the LMC's meds are top notch and available at affordable pricing. Products you pay $60 at Harborside in Oaktown are just $35 at LMC. The Ingrid concentrate is literally the best I have ever smoked.
    That "dragonfly"person is nothing but a can't diss everything about the LMC like that without being just a hater.

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    Doubt the other reviews are legit
    When I read the other reviews I start to wonder whether they are talkiing about the same Leonard Moore Cooperative that I just went to. The flowers definately aren't fresh and the chemical taste left in the back of my throat makes me doubt whether or not it was organic. I have since been going elsewhere.

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