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    In reading the other reviews here I get the impression that at one time SDFarmacy was a fairly reputable dispensary providing quality medical marijuana for their patients/customers. Well that has certainly changed as of late. I have been using them since April and it has become a real crap shoot on quality. But even worse is that they are "tumbling" or kiefing their buds. On at least 4 separate occasions I have received kiefed buds...No trichomes, no crystals, no scent...NO HIGH. Recently purchased some Blue Pearl and received a gram of Alien Blackberry Kush as a birthday gift and it was SHITE. A BIG NOTHING!!! I took their products to several other dispensaries to be checked out and they confirmed that the buds had indeed been tumbled. WTF??? You would get a better high from smoking lawn clippings. I'm not kidding. I have sent them 2 emails addressing this matter and they won't even respond. PATHETIC!!! People, I urge you to take your business elsewhere. Seek out a dispensary that actually delivers what they say they will. Or better yet, go to a brick and mortar where you can SEE and check out the MMJ before you purchase it. SDFarmacy gives great descriptions & have beautiful photos of their various strains but what you will receive will be NOTHING LIKE what you ordered. This may not happen every time but once is one time too many. Sure it weighs out but what good is it if it has been stripped of the very essence of what you need. This is not only unethical but just plain WRONG. And they are one of the higher priced dispensaries as well. I find it disgusting to take a patient's medicine and extract the very ingredient that helps them find relief in order to sell it again and make twice the profit. And it doesn't matter if I am some pimply faced punk overjoyed at getting a medical marijuana card or if I am a stage 3 cancer patient desperate for some relief from the pain I am experiencing. It doesn't matter. This is the absolute antithesis of what a quality dispensary should represent. Do yourself a favor folks and DO NOT patronize San Diego Farmacy. You have plenty of other choices out there to choose from that base their operation on honesty and integrity and not profit margins. BOYCOTT SAN DIEGO FARMACY. And spread the word. I stand behind this review 100%. And if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you. This is bullshit and must be stopped.

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