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    Cool spot.

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    All I can say is that this place is so classy and top of the line is located right next to the Alameda bay. From the minute I walked in I noticed one of the security guys I went to middle school and right school with was really happy to see me. Then you walk inn and there's a metal detector wich is understandable. because of the the great stuff located inside makes you feel more safe and free to make your donations. Then I met Courtney a great looking girl with amazing personality. She was very kind to show me around and walk me though the whole place it was amazing she was very helpful I felt like I was being treated like a v.I.p amazing show room and many things this health center offers back to the community. Then I met Vanessa at the counter she was very helpful she had a big smile and was really attentive ended up scoring some of the best medication I've had and for a reassonable price.
    Overall. My experience here was the best I've had ever all I can say policy is don't miss the chance to visit this place if u looking to gain some real knowledge and also relax and feel like you are somewhere you can trust you have to visit this place is the best of the best a like pricey maybe bits there's allot and I mean allot you can try and do here

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