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Located within the inner side of the bay area right across the bridge from San Francisco, Oakland is an often undiscovered California gem. The city has a rich, diverse history that boasts an incredible grassroots art scene and an ever-evolving cultural flare. From upscale dining to street tacos and food trucks, Oakland offers eclectic local food options, and there are just as many stellar bars to check out. And on top of all that, Oakland happens to serve up some high-end cannabis in several of the bay area’s best dispensaries. Check out our Oakland Marijuana Travel Guide for more tips and info about this amazing city!

California has had legal medical marijuana since 1996 (it was the first state to legalize medical marijuana) and legal recreational marijuana since 2016. Oakland was quick to allow dispensaries on both occasions and has therefore had a long-running cannabis scene. There are dozens of dispensaries throughout Oakland, most of which usually operate between 8 AM and 10 PM. Additionally, for those wanting to sit and enjoy their weed, you’ll find several dab bars and cannabis lounges throughout the city. Remember that, even though marijuana is legal and openly available in Oakland, it is still illegal to smoke in public or drive under the influence.

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