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Free edible for first time patients! 101 Wellness Center serves Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties. Please call with physician recommendation for faster service. Thank you! 101 Wellness center operates a nonprofit medical cannabis delivery service in...


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    In addition to being judged on the consistency of the product, also remember that the quality of the drivers is also important in any kind of service-oriented business such as this, and when drivers aren't consistently friendly, that becomes an issue as well. More than once your drivers have been inconsistently friendly, and it becomes pretty off-putting, almost to the point where I don't want them coming into my home. This seems to be a pretty serious issue, and one you might want to take into consideration. Hopefully this feedback provides you with information that you can use to make this service better for the patients.

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    I never go with anyone else. 101 always takes care of me. I absolutely love the thin mint. There indoor blackberry is some of the best flower i have ever had. Also, the gorilla glue is also killer. There concentrates are also top notch

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    Phat sacks and STONY weed delivered right to your door! 100% Satisfied customer right here! Thanks again Wellness!

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