Marijuana Doctor Reviews in Pilot Hill, CA

  • brown frown down,low slow po,old mold took my whole fold

  • I feel like I work here ,Ok I do work here so please keep me working.

  • Called phone listed online on 6/28/2018 and it was disconnected.

  • Ordered my meds from #SerenityFarms after a bad experience with #MomsMeds and was HIGHLY disappointed! When I opened my package it looked NOTHING like what was pictured which is what I wanted and expected. When I contacted the driver (who I could clearly see was in my driveway still) I was told they'd already left try calling the luck there either 😕👎

  • They are fantastic here! Always have a great experience here. Great selection, they have it all. FYI - This place is back open after the Sheriff raid. I walked in the door the day they raided the place & was grilled & frisked. No big deal man, they do it right here & that's why they are open again! Wish they had a customer loyalty card with freebies & bulk discounts on bud.

  • Raided by the Sac county & El Dorado county Sheriffs dept. Place has been closed down since 10/1/15.

  • Bad Experience. When u advertise that u are open at 9:00., that usually means your answering your phone at 9 ready to deliver. Have been calling since 9am and its 20 after now. SMH

    Tony B. reviewed None
  • Literally life savers, thank you HS!

    Ineedweed reviewed None
  • I'm a new customer, I ordered from this group for the first time a month ago. I picked some of their Blue Dream, Queen, and Candyland. I'm excited to order from this group again. The driver was fast, kind, and informative. The bud was spectacular (each and every one!) and about the same price as driving to a dispensary without leaving your house. Love that! I review local strains and I'm looking forward to reviewing more of the strains this delivery service has to offer. Here is a link to my review of their Blue Dream

    Ingrideema reviewed None
  • This shop has been closed for several years.

  • Ive used BCG Collective for over a year and Im very happy with not only price and quality bit they have amazing customer service.

  • I have only used this dispensary and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Friendly folks and great products!

  • This was closed -- location shuttered and phone off.

    StanOfSac reviewed C4C
  • I've been a loyal customer for a while, and this used to be the only dispensary I would go to. However, I'm not OK with the absurd amount of money I found they've stolen from me. Say you buy a gram from them, and they write 1.1 on the little baggie they give you. Pretty cool right? But then you go home and weigh your bud, and every time without fail, it's only .6 They use the excuse that the stupid little tray they put the bud on when they measure offsets the scale. If I'm only buying a gram, especially a nice gram, that's more than half my money wasted. Not worth their mediocre bud.

  • Now this place is great!. The owner is very nice and caring.The whole atmosphere is very chill and inviting. The medicine is great, and they always hook up the sacks. Keep on rocking c4c!!!

    Liviathon reviewed C4C
  • First time in a cannabis club and it was a wonderful experience! The staff from reception, to security, to sales were very friendly, helpful, and professional. I felt a little awkward with my lack of product savvy, but the young lady who helped me was patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable! The variety and selection is plentiful, especially for a non-smoker, and the quality is top-notch! I read many reviews before choosing, so that's why I'm writing this one! If you're looking for the best choice, THIS IS IT!!! I will definitely make the trip from Chico again! Thanks for a memorable experience, Doctor's Orders, you're the best!

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