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We are open Monday thru Saturday 9a.m.-10p.m. Sundays 10a.m.-9p.m. Clean envirment and friendly staff ready to help you with your medical needs. Come try the new All Gree Og. Best medication in the Antelope Valley. We also provide 4 gram 1/8's All...



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    WOW!! All Green is All Good!
    Lots of love I felt my medicine working before I even got it!

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    I Wont go anywhere else!
    Today was my third visit. All I can say is they care about you. They have Great Meds! Good stuff all three times i've been there. So why would I go elsewhere? Thnks AllGreens

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    First timer
    I just got a card n this was my first time . I was pretty pleased except for some guy got my referral G . Anyway the Sal guy was great and replaced it . He seemed to be fairly knowledgable too

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