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  • 18+ Allowed
  • On-Site ATM
  • Security
  • On-Site Smoking
  • Veteran Discounts
  • Terminally ill Discount


♥ Tahoe Wellness Collective ♥ We're a patient based collective dedicated to a goal of wellness for Everyone. We offer many services, including free massage and other classes, medicinal cannabis in it's many forms with...


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    For 1st time customer at age 6......... Obviously of age. Can say was treated as a valued customer,explained as to various modes, types, etc.
    Gosh... Just think it's taken over 50 years. Keep on Truckin. No lie,in this,then small Town, oneofthe1st to harmonize of being arrested for pot. (A Me A off the bookd, called " In And About".

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    This is my 2nd time here. The last time was awesome. Flower is the bomb & so were the dabs.

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    I have only been here 1 time but my experience was so good I'm back again. I moved from Orange County 2 Reno & this is BT far the closest most favorite dispensory. The prices are a bit high but the flower is very good.

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