Tecate Marijuana Doctors

Marijuana Doctor Reviews in Tecate, CA

  • Great experience, laid back place but definitely there. Good prices.

  • This storefront is gone! OUT OF BUSINESS. Bummer! I really liked Lisa and Marcos. They were so friendly. THIS STORE IS NO MORE!! ATM machine gone. Entire insides stripped down. Bummer. Have to look for next favorite local spot. Or use delivery.

  • My experience is verygood

  • Great Service !!! Friendly, fully knowledgeable Budtenders to assist you in picking the perfect smoke. EXCELLENT, high quality bud at unbeatable prices ..... I recommend CannaLand to everyone ..... Enjoy

    4Randy reviewed Cannaland
  • Great variety of flower/concentrates/edibles/etc... The staff are awesome and the prices are decent for sure, one of my favorites for sure

  • Nice and knowledgeable staffed

  • Everything was on point. I just wish it was closer to me.

  • stoked on this place! Love that they always have killer bud available. I hit up their SD STRAINS and that shit is bomb!

  • WARNING! This place delivered wet, green bad weed through a friend that recommended it. I asked her to fix it so I didn't have to give a bad review but she didn't say anything and here they don't even answer the phone! The number has restricted phone calls... shady af

  • It is nice to find u there and need address too .

  • The staff was really friendly and helpful...plus the bud was🔥🔥🔥

  • This place was great the samples were out of this world and the flowers are awesome too

  • This I a great business, great customer care and always accomidating.

  • They did not give me back my rec and did not inform me that still had it. I went there 2 days later (30 mile drive) while they ignored my phone calls all day. I called while in the shop and they forwarded the call. THIS OLACE NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN

  • I love this place highly recommend awesome prices great staff great deals too!

  • Horrible service

  • Finally a place that lives up to it's name. Great Buds, fair price, I LOVE this place.

  • Rude, rude, rude. Only went cause I live right down the street. All the workers need a lesson in customer service. Hopefully they treat the next person better. You couldn't pay me to go back

  • Great place, convenient, courteous, with beautiful bud-tenders and great meds at good prices. Have always been treated as family and made to feel at home. Staff is always helpful. Its the only place I go. Francis G.

    Francis reviewed VIP Meds
  • waste of time staff acts like little children and are idiots over priced try to neg on there specials

  • Great pot always good service keeps me coming back

  • 1st time there. They had just got some new bud in, it was so stinky and stick I'm surprised it smoked. The Holy Grail O.G. was so good I also picked up 2 G's of sativa (Lemon Jack) and only $10.00 a gram 1st TPD. jeffshinny

  • Very professional and great buds . Best in town .

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